Day 143: Tuesday-Wednesday

I worked until 2AM this morning. I then was up again at 6AM with my first Zoom meeting at 7AM. When one has little sleep for a few days, it is hard to recall much. This will be a short story.

We had a few miscommunications, but we did manage to get through them and make the fixes and get the software upgrades going. We have to do back-to-back upgrades as the software was initially installed in 2018. It is sort of like upgrading your phone six times–it is complicated and error-prone and very dull.

Lunch was reheated Happy Panada cashew chicken. I did take a nap for 30 minutes a couple of times between Zoom meetings.

I was finally free at about 3PM. Evan was here, so we went to get coffee at Insomnia Coffee. I had a muffin and coffee, as did Evan. We also stopped by Rainy-Day Games, and I picked up Scooby-Do! Betrayal at Mystery Mansion board game. It is for the kids’ version, 8+, of the Betrayal at Haunted House on the Hill game. I think Susie would play and it just looked fun. I found the regular game a bit dark for me, and I don’t like being the ghost. I suspect I won’t mind says, “if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.”

Evan headed out as I started to cook dinner. Steaks with BBQ beans and canned really good peaches. I managed to get the steaks, from Ponderosa Provisioners, medium-rare, and not set the house on fire as they were ribeye steaks (fat-content sent flames quite high).

I then wait for the next step in the software build. Again, likely about midnight. One last set of upgrades. I slip in a few naps and reading.

I am really enjoying Lovecraft County with the writing having me laugh-out-loud a few times.

Yesterday I received a Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game (RPG) campaign from a Kickstarter: A Time for Sacrifice. I ordered the version, 40 of only 100 that they offered, with all the props premade and it is scary good. A leather book holder. All the books are aged and stained. The news clippings look like they are from newsprint—six sets of items for the six episodes, plus maps, and signed hardcover book. I already received the PDF of the book. The episodes can be stand-alone or played in a long campaign.


I can’t wait to get this virus things over and play these!

I was not paying attention to the market today as I was too tired to do too many things at once.

More than thirteen-hundred people in the USA were reported to have passed because of the infection.

This is an Easter song, but I liked this, and it seems to fit today and the events: Were You There.


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