Day 147: Sunday Figure Painting

I got started about 9ish today, finally sleeping the night.

Today I wanted to finish all the figures I started. I had not got as far yesterday as I was too social. Today I was going to keep the social interaction down, and I will resist the urge to play a board game.

Mostly I succeeded, but the figures are not entirely done. These are figures for War of the Worlds: The New Wave board game.

I started yesterday, and I primed, and dry brushed the sides of the alien building to bring out the detail. I painted all the other figure black and then misted them from above with a white primer. This brings out the feature and helps create the 3-D look in the models. I use Citadel Chaos Black and Tamiya Fine Surface Primer White, always. The human buildings are just straight walls–there is no detail to bring out. I also thought the battleship, tank, and aliens did not need any more detail brought out. When I am doing 28mm Dungeons and Dragons figures, I often have to dry-brush them to get the details to come out.


(the initial work has an X-ray look)

This next thing is to paint with a wash like paints. I have a small bottle made up of the proper ratio of water to flow enhancers that you can get at an art store. I use Liquitex Flow Aid Acrylic Fluid. Do not use it straight–trust me–it is supposed to be diluted.  You want the white and black of the primer to show through the paint, and you want the tints much reduced.


(my flow bottle and the start of painting)

The colors are just painted on with a larger brush, I use the regimental brush from Army Painters, to get the base colors. Mistakes are easily corrected later, so I do not spend much time on being too careful.


(the flying saucer in front is just painted with a flow enhanced steel color and the dark edges are not the light but the dark shading)


(here are all the figures I am working on in various points of work–this was about 7ish this evening)

Continuing with the narrative, I then apply ink to bring out the lines and to darken the color and make it more irregular, making it look more real. I did not mix my own color but used Dark Tone from Army Painters tonight. Actually, it was too dark, and I had to dry brush metal back on the figures to brighten them up.

The tanks are just green. I just mixed Army Green from Army Painters with a flow enhancer to get a nice 3-D look. Most of the shading work is then done by the primer, and I will just do touch-up and maybe some dry brushing. I then added Soft Tone from Army Painters to add some brown to the look. The problems with the inks are that they dry lighter than when you put them on. My tanks look dirty and worn when inked, but appear slightly dusting when the ink dries.


(two uninked and two still wet from ink tanks)

The battleships are more complicated as they require seascape, waterline red color, black stacks, white boats, and then battleship gray. I did the sea with a blue wash to let some of the primer shade come through. I then added white for foam and washed the sea with dark blue ink to make it look like water with waves. I have to add battleship gray and touch-ups.


I got to the tripods, and they need more work on the base and add some highlights and maybe a purple ink. The shading is done again by the underlying primer white and black coming through the metal color.


I am not sure other than some touch-up if this is creepy enough now. Purple shading would not make it look any better.

The flying saucers are mostly done with just some ink for the ground needed. I painted the death ray, white, then yellow, then orange at the base, and again white at the top. I finished it with a light red ink that pooled on the base.


(notice it is brighter on top from dry brushing a hint of metal, but it is still dark on the edges)

I find this new way of painting produces some easy highlighting. It prevents me from painting different layers for different light.


(These are Brother Vinny’s figures done with a black priming coat, white light spray, dry brush white, and then flow enhancer paints)

Returning to the start of the day, I did the dishes from the previous day and then had a salad for lunch. I connected with the church folks on Zoom twenty minutes late around 2ish+. I ordered and picked up Papa Murphy pizza today.

Today over five-hundred thirty people who reside in the USA died from the infection.

I found one I know that I have not done yet! Sweet, Sweet Spirit is known as Methodist Hymnal #334 and is one I can actually sing. It is a good one for all that has been happening.


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