Day 148: Monday Work

Today started like many Mondays at 6ish with me getting going and answering emails before 7AM. I handled the crisis of the early morning, had instant oatmeal, and got updated on what today would bring.

I then slipped out before the Zoom-a-thon began and got dressed and all of that. Monday starts with status meetings and project meetings followed by more stand-ups, styled sessions (I sit at home for a stand-up), and more how-to meetings.

Susie has a hair, nails, toes, and so on appointment as usual on Monday with her driver coming for her. This had been moved early as Susie broke a tooth last week. Susie was to receive the royal treatment later today, a crown. This meant getting Susie going this morning.

After Susie driver picked her up, happy to see her dressed, breakfasted, coffee’d, and ready, I finished my morning with a can of chili warmed on the stove for lunch.

I went on with more meetings and more status. I granted various approvals to move software into testing and other reviews. It was a typical Monday, and I started to feel tired by the afternoon. The early start and the endless status usually make me sleepy by the afternoon.

I took Susie to the Dentist after she returned with blue and striped nails and other various changes. Susie was done an hour later. As we have all experienced, an hour with a dentist is a long time. Susie was worn-out and took a nap. I joined her for part of that. I did have to get up and do a few more approvals for Nike.

Next, I cooked tacos using the low salt spices and crunchy shells from a box that announced proudly that the corn used was GMO! Ground beef from Ponderosa Provisioners made the filling really good. I think I will head back to more true soft shells next time.

Groceries were delivered today. I ordered them between calls at Nike and emails. Just a fill-in order. I did forget the shredded cheese. does not provide suggestions from the last order or suggest refilling previous items. I not sure they have thought through their website very well.

Turning to the figures, I started by repainting the brown on the tripod base, a lot of metal color was splashed on the figure’s base, and adding a purple ink from Army Painters to the front to get that hint of alien light to it. I washed the figure’s base with dark tone ink again from Army Painters to get the ground to look more broken.


The battleship was more conventional work–I have a few minature fleets. I mixed up a gray wash, uniform gray, and carefully painted it on. It ran a bit, and I missed a few times, and so the usual touch-up had to follow. I repainted the funnels as they got splashed and bumped by gray and somehow the metal color from the tripods (the tripods seemed to have already zapped the battleships!). I repainted the small boats more white using the paint from the bottle to make them stand out. I then washed the ships with dark tone ink to make the lines show better. This also put back some of the contrast I lost with the wash.


I have to spray an anti-shine coat yet, but that can wait. Just over a few days of work to do all the figures. I am happy, and it is fun to try this new painting style on wargame figures.


Today the reports are that more than five-hundred sixty people who reside in the USA have passed because of the virus.

I found a fun song I had forgotten about, Methodist Hymnal 585: This Little Light of Mine.

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