Day 150: Wednesday Meetings

A short story today as it was a busy but not very interesting day.

Today I am quite tired. I got started at 6AM with my first Zoom meeting at 9AM. I had to get Susie to the dentist at 8:30 to finish the crown for her broken tooth. So the morning was rushed. Susie was in and out within the hour. The paperwork for Corvid-19 being always a surprise as we have temperatures taken to just being there. No complaints from us, we like being safe!

I managed status after another status meeting.

I made a sandwich of pastrami with coleslaw and thousand island dressing.  I made chicken soup that I shared with Susie to go with lunch. Susie had an Eggo waffle with peanut butter.

Susie is just crushed by the dentist and getting up so early.

I slipped in the laundry while attending status meetings and workshops. I had to apologize for the noise when I had to talk over the spin of the washing machine that is not far from me. That got some knowing grins from people. I am not the only person that slips laundry in during meetings!

I made goulash from a German cookbook Michael Giessners’s parents gave me a few years ago: Grandma’s German Cookbook. I was actually cutting up onions and meat while listening to a meeting.  I had to brown the meat and onions and then braise the meal for two hours. This required spices, and canned goods, and stirring while listening to work. I reduced the onions as the German recipe called for as much chopped onions, by weight (!), as the meat! I ordered some of the spices from Amazon, and they came yesterday so I could cook this today.

I suspect my Nike colleagues, when they read this, are going to think I am doing Tango lessons and like strange things when I don’t have the camera on for the Zoom meeting! It is not always true.

I have a special braising pan from the now out of business Chef Catalog company. You cannot heat it above medium as it has oil between the metal plates on the bottom to make the heat uniform and consistent. The lid fits tight and is glass so you can watch the cooking. It makes this kind of cooking a breeze.

I had meetings non-stop from 3ish to 6ish. A took a break between meetings, but it was a long haul.

We made some pasta to go with the goulash. Susie and Corwin liked it.

The show Nova on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) had an incredible documentary on tonight at 9 thus I am late writing. The show is “Decoding the Pyramids” and discusses the new discoveries, some published in 2017, about the builders. I highly recommended it. It is a 2019 episode but I just saw it today.

Aside: Nova is an American premier producer of educational programming originally from Boston’s public television channel WETA. I have watched it for years. My newest fav is “Einstein’s Quantum Riddle.” It is highly recommended.

The bubble that is the American stock market continues to expand.

More than thirteen-hundred people in the USA died from the virus today according to reports.

I found this yesterday, and here is a version you can sing along with Oh Happy Day. Another song for Americans making it through these times!


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