Day 151: Thursday Challenges

WordPress, the tool I use to write this blog has changed editors, and I am having a challenge using the new editor. Mostly Grammarly does not work in the new editor. It is how I keep the typo count down. I am using the post editor, and this is not that smooth to use.

This will be a short post as I am trying to find my way again.

Today started a bit later. I was tired this morning, so I stayed in bed to 7ish.

Work was full of Zoom meetings. I managed to get through the status meetings and slip out to the pharmacy and get Susie were pill she takes on Thursday before she was up.

I decided to make chicken soup for lunch. I had that with some potato salad and coleslaw. It was a summer-styled lunch. I then put out the trash and got all the recycling into the correct bin from the pile that was accumulating. I did this instead of order lunch or getting one. I just did not feel like paying for lunch today. I am getting cheap!

I continued with meetings after lunch, one session was a bit hot, and I ended it with a headache.  After thirty minutes, they agreed to send me specifications–they could have done that without the meeting. I took a break after that. I then helped with a few more vendor patches and got a few more items sorted.

Corwin made us dinner of Chicken Cordon Blu, frozen from Schwans, and again coleslaw and potato salad.

I collected Susie from the living room, and we sat in front of my Apple computer for Theology Pub Zoom meeting. This is a church group that has been meeting for more than five years. We, be for the emergency, would meet at a pub and discuss a theology question. Beer and food would be consumed, and ideas shared. Patience was the theme, and we discussed how this was close to forgiveness and that having patience did not mean inaction.

I began my next painting challenge today. I decided to paint the mechs from Scythe. I decided to try to use oil paints for the shading. I have never done that before, but it looks so good in the magazines, I want to try it. I started with the white faction in Scythe and have started by masking the base. I want the base to be the original color of the plastic. I did this with the characters I have painted. With the bases unpainted, the mechs are still clearly colored to match the faction. I have a spare set of mechs and characters I bought from the game company’s website.

More to come this weekend.

The reports show more than twelve-hundred died in the USA today from Covid-19.

Today’s hymn is by Charles Wesley: O the Depth of Love Divine.

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