Day 152: Friday and Games

I was happy to leave about noon to get my hair cut, a complex process in the lockdown, and drive in heavy traffic on 216 to 5 to The House of Hair. It was a relief to leave my Nike computer closed at the house.

There Zerida met me at the door. All of us masked and keep our distances. I am back to my short gray hair again. Off to Portland then.

On the way to Portland, I received a call from the mothership for Air Volvo, the name of my car, that they can get the spa treatment for the car on two Wednesdays from now. I have to use the app for the Valet Volvo to have the car picked-up and a loaner Volvo supplied, done. I am also ordering the annual detailing of the car that happens with the bonus money from Nike–always in August. I still want that new car smell and feel, for a few months, each year–instead of buying a new one! Once a year, full spa treatment for Air Volvo and fixes (often tires, brakes, alignment, and all that stuff that breaks or wears).

Aside: Yes, Nike paid no raises, but bonuses were paid called PSP (i.e., profit-sharing program, I think). The local car dealers are very happy in August when this is paid. Most of the money in the bonus was made before Corvid-19 hit. Next year’s PSP will likely be a different story.

From there, I drove to Portland, but I then got a text from Evan, and we agreed to meet and travel together in Air Volvo to Portland and have lunch and play a game at Mox Boarding House.

Reflecting on the morning, I did start a very frustrating day at Nike at about 6ish. When the director asked me for an ETA at 8ish for a redesign of the product conversion for all of Nike’s product data to the new SAP systems when he sent me the four short bullet points as specifications at 4:30PM Thursday, I knew beer was calling me in Portland. Before I wrote an outline of a design to the engineers and vendor, I did carry two board games into Air Volvo–I needed a break. While driving Air Volvo, I was getting multiple messages and calls on the same issue. It was time to let go. So let us not dwell on the morning working from home, in the car, and at Mox.

Tatyana and Sydney, bartender and waiters, were there in the bar again, and Evan was happy to meet them and to see the premium service and facility that is Mox. We ordered drinks and food. I had the soup, always great, and the sandwich special. A steak sandwich made from thin-sliced steak. All good.

We learned that Tatyana is a make-up artist for movies. Evan is involved in the local movie scene so they exchanged information.

Besides attending customers, Tatyana and Sydney were playing a card game. I have forgotten the name, but it looked interesting.

We had a long table just for ourselves, so we set-up a board game, Scythe, and I taught Evan how to play. Megan, the manager, and others wanted to see Scythe, so I was happy to share my updated version by setting up the game. Scythe is a “dudes-on-a-board” game so there are some 1910s styled miniatures in the game. I had painted the characters years ago in my copy of Scythe–they still look good. I have painted four sets of these characters over the past three years–I trade a painted set for unpainted figures (I bought a spare set of figures from the publisher). My current version of the miniatures, I have a painted set that has not found a home yet, has a bit more contrast than my first set. I also added some electric blue to the new versions as we see that color in the add-on, Fenris, representing the exotic technology in the add-on that was published later. Scythe has some science fiction steam-punk in the game design.

Evan did quite well in his first two-person learning game and scored about 42 while I did an only 55, winning the game, but Evan nearly caught me.

(The final board)

It was already passed at 6PM, so we headed back. I dropped Even off and returned home.

There more email from work received my reply of “No.”

The check to pay-off the car was received by the bank today. I also paid off all the other credit cards, loans, and other debts. I am praying that my understanding of what is happening in the economy is wrong. I am ready.

Eleven-hundred and more deaths today in the USA are attributed to the virus.

I found this new hymn that sounds very old style to me: Awake, O Sleeper. This is Methodist Hymn #551, but I cannot remember every singing this hymn.

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