Day 154: Sunday Painting

Today I slept in until 9:30ish and then started very slowly.

I slipped out after making a chili-taco salad for lunch. Only I was up. I like Stagg Chili Silverado Beed Chili with Beans (yes, some folks believe it ain’t chili if it got beans) and that over lettuce, some corn chips, and cheese is a good lunch. I slipped out to the Rite Aid and got the new flu shot. Dr. Fauci is warning folks that mixing a bad flu season with the current emergency could be terrible. I know that the flu shot may not cover all the types of flu we will see this fall and spring, but it is something, and it just might include them.

The paperwork for the flu shot, free with my insurance, included instruction to “shake before using.” The shot is given in a private room at the Rite AIid. The pharmacist was surprised to see me shaking and moving around. I pointed out it was on the directions, so I was shaking. She started shaking and jumping around with me–following instructions. We laughed, and then it was soon over until next time. I am a bit more tired this afternoon. I am hoping for light symptoms from the inoculation this time.

I returned to painting the mech for the board game Scythe. I finished another faction today. These turned out pretty good. I have started the next two factions, but I do not expect to finish them until next weekend. I can’t find the time to do the painting like this, work, housework, cleaning, cooking, and all of that.

I had to get some supplies. I was running of masking fluid, I like to use the original colored plastic for the base, so I have to mask it. I was also running low on paint primer. I use Chaos Black from Citadel and a fine white primer from Tamiya. I was out of three shades of bottled paint. 

So I went to the hobby store, Tammy’s, and folks were wearing masks and being careful. Much more than the last time I was there. I often order supplies from to avoid any risk, but today I wanted to support my local hobby shop. They were busy on a Sunday afternoon. I got the masking fluid and primer there.

I then picked up the paints at Rainy Day Games. They were having a sale of old games and figures. I bought jungle terrain, prepainted and even has special effect lights, for 28mm (Dungeon and Dragon figure size) for half off, which was a reasonable price. I found a LaserCraft kit for a 28mm scale barn for half price too–it is a kit you have to build. So it was a bit more expensive a trip than I expected. I know the folks there, and we talked about games for a bit.

I returned home and painted and prep’ed more mechs for painting. The current group is yellow faction and look more like construction or farming equipment with a gun than war mechs. I am adding a bit more “Tesla” blue-green to them (in the background story Telsa invents a new energy source that is kind of blue-green).

I did the dishes and the laundry–still in progress. I made old school spaghetti and ground beef with sauce from a jar, Paul Newman’s Sockarooni, for dinner. I also baked up some scones for breakfast. Susie loves fresh scones, so it was time to make some more. I have ordered more from King Arthur Flour. I also ordered some new flour and yeast from them. Time for me to join the rest of the country and start raising so dough!

Over five-hundred fifty people in the USA perished today from the virus.

I found a beautiful hymn that I don’t know: Give to the Winds Thy Fear. This is Methodist Hymn 129 and is translated (!) by John Wesley.

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