Day 155: Monday with Flu Shot

I started just 6ish.

I fell asleep and had a waking dream for only five minutes. I dreamed that some directors at Nike were explaining to me that all status reports would now have to in the format of an archery target. I was confused about how to use the new form. My questions were getting a bit direct, “you can’t really use a round-shaped target as a status report.” And then I work up.

I knew it was going to be a strange Monday.

I started to get ill. I soon had a cold sweat and was feeling dizzy. Yes, I had a flu shot on Sunday. I was tired and extra grumpy for a Monday.

I ordered tamales from Victorico’s Mexican Food delivered by GrubHub. I thought if I ate something, I would feel better. Tamales sounded the best for some reason. Also, breakfast was threatening to reappear in an uncomfortable format. Lunch helped, but I did have a few moments when I regretted my choices–but no reversals happened.

For Nike, I wrote an outline of a design. I was then told a few hours later that they wanted a different design for the four bullet points I was given. I sent more details on more options. I was feeling more and more like a target…

I took some breaks to keep going. I became more and more tired and uncomfortable.

I had more emergencies and Zoom meetings for hours. Another design for another bit of software surfaced. I could feel the target on my back.

The last Zoom meeting for the shoe company was with over eighty people and ran-over to almost 6ish at night. I made sure my sound was off! I then turned off the video when it went over it time and starting to make dinner during the meeting. Listening to the meeting from the kitchen.

I finally felt better. My experience with flu shots is the issue fades in a day. The action of doing something besides looking at a screen and typing seemed to make the difference.

I made dinner of Chicken Cordon Blu (frozen from Schwan’s), green beans (frozen) mixed with butter and almonds, and freshly Covid-19 potatoes (masked->mashed). I dislike having to peel potatoes, but they always seem a bit old and greenish when I get them delivered.

Changing to entertainment, “Lovecraft Country” was a great book and the HBO series started on Sunday. I watched it tonight while making dinner and eating dinner. It is a show that mixes the Black American Experience in the 1950s with Lovecraft horror. Just perfect for these times! Recommended if you like a bit of horror.

I returned to painting a bit today and applied the oil paint shading to the Khan (yellow) faction of the Scythe mechs I am painting. I used a lot of dark oil paint to make them look more used. This reduced the crazy-bright of the yellow base-color I used on the figures.

I am still fighting with WordPress as I cannot use Grammarly with the new editor. I am using the old editor (even older than the one I use to use).

Today more than five-hundred eighty folks in the USA died from the infection.

It is time for the big chorus again, Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling. This is Methodist hymnal #348.

1 thought on “Day 155: Monday with Flu Shot”

  1. Flu shots ….. very important more so than ever. Stay strong. Chix cordon bleu can cure many ailments too. Good thinking. Love you bunches!


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