Day 156: Tuesday Zooming and eMailing

Today started with me waking at 6ish without an alarm. I forgot to put on the alarm and woke only a few minutes late. I got on-line at Nike and my own email and started clearing work problems. I had a few crises of the moment and tried to just find my way.

I found that I was behind on a set of tasks at work and got them started. I am now waiting again. This time I am sending out pings to ensure I am not missing an update.

I ordered a lamb gyro for lunch from the Gyro House with an extra piece of flatbread. I did not order extra meat as it is already overflowing with meat. I ordered extra meat last time–it was ridiculous.

I had tasks through lunch, so my attempt to relax for lunch faltered, and I worked through lunch. I did finally get a break while I waited for some work done by others, and after I finished my last Zoom meeting today, surprisingly early at 1:30ish.

I went back to working on the figures I am painting for my copy of the board game Scythe. I am not entirely happy with the yellow of the figure, but it still fits and looks good. I finished the shading and clean-up while waiting.

I picked up some more tasks that needed to be done. Then I had to wait for the next group. It was already 3:30ish, so I started back on the Saxony figures. I had to paint more oil paints on the Saxony figure to get the charcoal gray color I wanted.

Corwin made dinner of jambalaya with just kielbasa. Susie can’t eat seafood, so we usually make it only with simple sausages. We made it too spicey for Susie, so I made a cheese plate for dinner for Susie.

I watched some videos on reviews of some board games that are now in Kickstarter. Hamburg is a replacement for an older out-of-print game Bruge. I watched a review of the Bruge board game from many years ago (there still on Boardgame Geek), and it got a good review. The replacement is Hamburg, and it is the game Bruge reimaged in Hamburg, Germany, with many revisions to make it a better and more stable game. Hamburg board game also incorporates the add-ons that were available for Bruge, but many gamers, according to the reviews I watched, thought these add-ons broke the original game of Bruge. The reviews of Hamburg are enthusiastic about this new implementation of Bruge the board game.

I contacted one of my gamer friends, Richard, and he just saw it too in Kickstarter. We are both not sure we need another Euro game. I will wait and see. There is a special super version being offered on Kickstarter, but I might be able to purchase that from Game Stewards. This is a website and company that buys Kickstarter and resells them at a small mark-up with shipping. I had used it a few times when I was unsure or missed a Kickstarter.

While Corwin made dinner, I finished the painting and shading with oil paints of two more factions: Saxony and Ruse (red).

The oil paint will take a few hours to dry. I will then spray a protective transparent coat, and when that dries, I will remove the masking from the base and clean-up any mistakes I see. There is usually something that stands out once you get all done.

Japan (purple) and Celts (green) are the remaining regular factions for Scythe. I hope to get them done this week.

I am surprised to be sitting in the dark again in the early evening. Fall is just about here. It was an overcast day, but 85F. The rains will be here soon and my grass will turn from brown to green again.

I did not watch the market or the election or well much of anything else.

Today it was reported that more than thirteen-hundred people in the USA left this life due to the infection.

I found this hymn that I have forgotten, and it is Charles Wesley: And Are We Yet Alive. This is Methodist Hymnal #553, and I really like singing this one, and it seems to fit our troubled times.

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