Day 161: Sunday Quiet

I forgot I had groceries delivered this morning. I found the stuff outside thirty minutes later. One substitution was not workable, and I got a bag of things I did not order, and I was missing a few items(someone has my cream cheese and I have their little vegan tomatoes). But, in the end, it still works for me to have everything delivered. It is safer than risking infections that are increasing in Oregon.

I did the dishes and the laundry today. I also wrote some Python today to handle YAML files for the new hardware-software I am making to control the chimes at the church. YAML is how modern software is controlled. It is also an unstructured means to store data. In my line-of-work, you either hate YAML or love them.

I made soup and then headed out and had even more lunch with Mariah at the Golden Valley Brewery. I had fish and chips and brought Susie back their chicken pot pie that she likes.

I have to admit that most of the day, I took a nap and relaxed. No mind-numbing AI tricks with Python. No impossible small figure painting. I just relaxed and did laundry and dishes.

I did spend hours reading and writing in Roll20 for our restart of our Dungeons and Dragon 5E campaign on Monday. We had a player get ill, not Covid-19, and so we stopped for the summer. Cory is better now, and so we will restart, and we have invited a new player to join. I created a new 9th level rogue character for him, so he has something to play. I am fully prepared for our adventure and can start a new player.

All of this is played online with a built-in video conference. All the material is purchased and most of the game system is built into the screens. A player clicks on a line that says sword and an attack roll appears in the window for all to see. Dynamic lighting and fog-of-war are in place. I have also invested, again, in the materials so the purchased rules are available to all the players.

We have been playing online for three years. Before it was cool! Before it was the only way!

I am also just doing more laundry and will likely do a bit of Python and reading.

Lastly, I watched the next episode of the show “Lovecraft Country” on HBO. To me, A perfect portrayal of the terrible racial discrimination suffered by black Americans in the 1950s and then adding in pulp horror Lovecraft. Highly recommended. I loved the book and find the revisions in this version surprising and workable. Excellent!

Today the reports show four-hundred thirty people in the USA died from the virus.

I went with this video with the translation of the Call to Prayer from Islam traditions.

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