Day 162: Monday with Dungeon and Dragons

Today was the first time I have played Dungeons and Dragons in months. One of our players was ill and just got home and well enough to play again. You forget how much you missed something until you once again get to do it again.

Today we played on Roll20 using premade adventures. This is online and uses even video conferencing built-in to the software for everyone to see each other. We have been playing like this years before Corvid-19, and the lockdown made it the only real safe means to play. One of our players is handicapped, and this one of the ways we can play Dungeons and Dragons without all the stress of a physical game. Actually, I like the online version better than setting up the table-top as the software handles much of the housekeeping work and keeps everyone focused on the game and less on the mechanics.

Today I used two monitors. I have found it difficult to use just my small 12″ Apple screen and control all the bits of the game as the Dungeon Master, the player who runs the game using the software. I set-up another monitor, I have a flat-screen 17″ that is USB powered, and it was great to have the text and creatures on one screen and the adventure map, video chat, and chat window on the other screen. Today went much smoother.

We had a good time as my five players, and I played the Mad Mage’s Dungeon and finished most of the first level, and finally, the players discovered the entrance to the next level down. There are twenty-three levels! We will have a short break and pick-up the game again in two or three weeks due to holidays and family events. As we say, “life getting in the way of gaming.”

Today I also received some 32 GB SD cards and a write-read USB device from Amazon. I then downloaded the new Raspberry Pi SD card writing software and create a new boot disk on the SD card using the USB device. Of course, I then installed the card and booted-up the Raspberry Pi 4. The software was the newest version of Linux or what is called Raspberrian. This is more of my work to build a microcomputer controller for the church’s chimes.

It was refreshing that you can go to the Raspberry Pi organization website and just download the SD card writing software and then load-up the best current version of the operating system. Previously, I would load some version of Raspberian and then have to updates it and rebuild it for hours. Now you just get the best version. So much better!

While I was preparing on Roll20 and also working my Raspberry Pi set-up, I ordered KFC to be delivered. I was going to make dinner, but I could not swing that and get everything ready. I also love KFC. I used to have it for my birthday when I was a kid. It was nice to play Dungeons and Dragons and have my fav!

Work was Zoom meetings and working on software upgrades starting at 6ish this morning. I will likely work all night, once India gets going. I am tired today. I always have trouble going to sleep on Sunday night. I do not want the weekend to stop or the new week to begin. I try to drag it out the night a bit more, so sleep comes hard on Sunday night. It always has.

I had a lamb gyro from The Gyro House delivered by GrubHub for lunch. Always great!

The market is still building up, and there was a discussion that a stock split should not increase the prices of stocks. Both Apple and Tesla have announced splits, and these stock had flown straight-up. My 401K continues to expand, and Nike’s stock price continues to grow.

It is reported that five-hundred ten people died today from the virus in the USA.

I found a vesper hymn that I do not know, but it was so lovely I thought it was kind to share: Now, on Land and Sea Descending. This is Methodist Hymnal #685.


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