Day 163: Tuesday Not Well

Today has been a challenge. I have not been able to do more than live in the moment. I found that I was making small errors while working from home that suggested that my concentration and attention to long term goals were nonexistent. I was able to work in the moment, but trying to answer questions or to think forward into the impact or needs of the future was missing. Not very good.

I will try to make this more than a perfunctory report. Please forgive me if it seems that way.

I stopped about 3ish this afternoon with a few more follow-ups that were to tell folks I was ill and would try tomorrow.

That did not stop me from making dinner. I was going to order something but thought it better. Instead, I took the beef roast (still not frozen), cut it into squares. I then chopped an onion into rough bits, cut up new (not green) potatoes that we got on Sunday into cubes, peeled and cut up carrots, and chopped up some stalks of celery. I added olives, tagine meat spices, and some crushed garlic with all the rest into my dutch oven. I baked that for about 90 mins, into a sort of Moroccan beef stew. I did this for something to do instead of taking a nap. It is always relaxing to make dinner.

Returning to the beginning, work started before this at 6ish and had a 7ish meeting, so I had to rush a bit. The Zoom meeting, emails, software upgrades, and other tasks filled the morning and the afternoon. Today I was having some difficulty keeping my tasks ordered. This was the hint that I was not feeling well.

Lunch was a pair of tamales delivered.

I have been reading mostly with occasional naps.

Every time I became confused, I would walk outside and walk in my front yard and look at my roses. I would then find my way again. I suspect folks at Nike did not know I was walking my mind back to focus today!

It was reported that more than twelve-hundred people passed away today from the virus here in the USA.

I picked this hymn that I sang most days when I toured Israel so long ago: This is the Day the Lord Has Made. Something I remember on days like this.

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