Day 164: Wednesday A Bit Better

It is hard to imagine that I have been in this chair, writing for so many days in a row! I hope I can keep going and I hope I am not getting boring.

I was reading the news and following, more than socially distant, the political news. I will make no comment here on politics, as that is not what I write this for. I try to understand what is happening in the world and what actions I should take, those I actions I must take, and those changes and actions that worry me and I might have to take. The world appears a bit darker to me right now as I worry about the economic damage from the pandemic, and I have begun to understand just how vital Black Lives Matters is to me. I am trying to help bring an end to racism. It ain’t easy for me, but I keep trying.

Turning to more mondain items, the car, Air Volvo, has been picked up by Volvo Valet and replaced with a giant XC90 loaner car. It is like my car if it was a bus! The car was paid off this month, and so it is at the spa (Volvo service) for service and an expensive total detailing. Two days’ stay at the spa! I should have a new car when this is all done. Well, at least it will seem that way.

Aside: I had to take a Lyft ride to Volvo as they forgot to drop the loaner car off. The car was clean and the driver masked and careful. I would prefer not to risk a ride in a ride-share car, but I needed the car and I like to have one if something happens to Susie or me.

I was not feeling well yesterday and had trouble concentrating. This morning I started at about 6:30ish and tried to pick-up where I left-off and cover all the many tasks I was trying to work. For the morning, I was able to attend the many Zoom meetings and get much started, and some items finished.

I ordered Pud Thai for lunch delivered. I ordered it with shrimp. My test for a new Thai place is to try their Pud Thai and count the shrimp. I got six. The noodles were brownish from being overcooked and soaked in some sauce. I have a suggestion for a better place, and I will try that.

I had to write some long emails after some meetings and I handled a few crises of the moment that is what being a computer technical architect at Nike is. I was doing OK until I sent a request to load some patches into the wrong system. I caught it and send out a correction and then got that wrong. On the third try, I got it right. It was time to stop. I called the engineer, and he was laughing that I was human, and I was complaining about it. He knew what I wanted.

I spoke to Dr.Rev. Wayne and we had dinner with them, Wayne and Ann, at the Reedville Cafe. Ann was getting new kitchen counters, so having dinner-out was a good plan for today! Ann and I had the tuna fish with bacon oven-toasted sandwich–good! While Wayne enjoyed a cheeseburger. Corwin was with us, and he selected the Cajun Pasta. Susie had a salad with chicken. We sat outside and shared their home-made style onion rings first.

It was good to see the Reverends Weld-Martins them, and it was the first time we have had dinner with them since Thanksgiving, I think.  We talked a bit about church things, movies, SciFi, and many pleasant topics. Ann and Wayne are getting a puppy soon–they shared photos like proud parents. It was strange to be having a normal dinner at Reedville Cafe, but it was lovely.

Turning to a different topic, one of the strange items to come out of the emergency is a new album from Taylor Swift that is much less dance music and over-engineered and more an old fashioned song. I have to admit I liked her dance over-engineered music–she has a great voice and knows how to sing, but I think I like this even better. I can almost sing along with this beautiful song and the video: Taylor Swift – cardigan (Official Music Video).

The musical response to Covid-19 has been one of the few blessings in 2020. The other is that Susie gets coffee and breakfast every morning as I am here to help in the house now. Working from home has helped her, I believe. Now if only we could see a movie or go somewhere. We will take a short trip on Saturday in the newly refreshed Air Volvo!

Returning to the reports, the stock market in the USA is flying straight up. Nike stock broke $111. My 401K is now showing more than a 6% increase for the year. I am all buttoned down for a massive crash–my 401K would take a hit–but it will likely recover again, but it would be nice to be wrong and sweep in another 10% year into my retirement funds!

Six persons died in Oregon from the virus today, which is included in a total of more than twelve-hundred total deaths reported for just today in the USA. Despite political understatement, the current death rate for anyone infected in the USA is 5%, the math is simple.

A Jewish Prayer is my choice for today. You need to turn on the closed caption (the cc button) to see the words in English.

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