Day 165: Thursday with Vindication

Today I slept to 7ish after getting up and checking that I had no meetings until later.

Work started with emails and outstanding tasks. I had some steps to do that were outstanding.

I could not get to them for a while as I had interruption after interruption. Yesterday I started making mistakes as multitasking turned into just chaos. Today, I was not going to make mistakes and let the noise break my concentration. I also found more errors from yesterday. So I corrected the errors and did the work. I turned off the email and stopped doing any status meetings for a while. I turned on some music and just worked. I cleared the mistakes and worked out what was the correct steps and applied them. I then requested the next steps. I felt so much better now that I had a little more control.

I managed to order biskets and gravy for lunch from Tom’s Pancake House. Not something I usually go for, but it seemed a good idea today. The food was from Beaverton, and so was just about air-temperature when it got here. It was still good.

I had Zoom meetings to about 3ish and then had to get the car. Air Volvo was at the mother-ship, getting the 40,000-mile update, a recall fix, and super detailing. I got the title for the vehicle in the mail today. It is paid-off, and now looks likes a new and clean car. It even has the new-car-smell.

I made dinner today. I cut up three large onions, there were many tears, and a few pounds of pork rib meat (no bones). I put in a special slow cook pan. Once the pork and onions really started to cook, I added paprika and other spices to make goulash.  We let it cook slowish (still bubbling) for an hour. We made egg noodles to go with it. Everyone liked it, except Susie. I made her a grilled cheese sandwich, and that made her happy.

Evan was here with Corwin, and we played a game of Vindication. Corwin was proud of his win, beating me by ten points. Evan’s score was just behind mine. It was a high scoring game and was anyone’s game for a bit. Vindication is a very positive game, designed in the Portland area, and allows for various strategies.

So a better day when one remembers to stay focused on those items that are important. I am always a computer programmer, and it was good to do some real work today and shut down the noise. I was happy to make a nice dinner for everyone. And the game was good.

Today more than eleven-hundred people were reported to have died from the virus in the USA.

I went with a hymn I knew for today: For the Healing of the Nations. I am sure I have done it before, but I thought of it and wanted to hear it again. It is one I can sing.


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