Day 166: Friday Near End of Summer

As usual, on Friday, after a morning of Zoom meeting, the first one at 7:15, and discussing various issues, I stop at noon. It is still summer hours, even working from home, at Nike. So I stopped at noon and then drove to Portland and have lunch at Mox’s with Evan and play a game.

Mox Boarding House is a small chain of restaurants and gaming stores in the Seattle area and now one store, just as Covrid-19 lockdown hit, in Portland (PDX). Today the store was having a painting session on Discord, and I spoke to the manager, Magan, and they are trying to find ways to connect to gamers and figure painters during the lockdown. They are thinking about during painting classes online for beginners and then supplying a painting kit for beginners at the store with a little discount. I hope it works out. They are not getting much traffic on Friday as usual in this area at the end of summer. Everyone is running to the mountains, desert, or coast for that last break before the unrelenting rains begin.

I had the Peruvian Pork sandwich with soup. Excellent. Evan had the same. I had one beer, as usual, and then ordered coffee.

I drink the coffee while we play a game. Evan wanted Scythe again. We switched sides from the last game, I lost last time. This time I pulled ahead and stayed there.

We then visited the best game store, in my opinion, in PDX: Guardian Games. You still can’t play there, but they have all the new releases and gaming supplies. I know many of the staff as my Portland gaming friends and I would often rent a room and play there. They are happy to see me come and buy a few small items.

We then stopped by the two blocks of Portland that is famous. Yes, some we went to ground zero.

Someone made a replacement elk for the famous elk statue. It is now covered in a statement about Black Lives Matter. I miss the old bronze elk, but the new one is certainly making a statement!

The park is not that damaged and just has a bit of writing on it. There is a very nice man making food for anyone in the park right in front of the Federal building. There was a lot of weed being smoked in the area–not unusual in Portland and not a change. Marijuana has been legal in the West Coast for some time (Washington, Oregon, and California have synchronized laws and procedures for weed use and purchase).

And the famous Federal building is surrounded by fences and covered with protective plastic. Many windows are boarded, and the upper story windows are cracked from impacts. It is one of the two blocks.

We saw that the Vegan Grill two blocks away was in perfect shape and busy. There are a few boarded-up windows, but that might be closed buildings. For the most part, only a few blocks are being impacted now.

I was too busy to watch the stock market, but Nike stock is now more than $112 a share.

Again, the reports are that more than eleven-hundred people in the USA died today from the virus.

I returned to the Methodist Hymnal for inspiration. I have always liked this song, which is #333: I’m Goin’ a Sing When the Spirit Says Sing. This is not a great video, but the singing is excellent.



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