Day 167: Saturday Trip

Today we took Air Volvo for a trip. I had sent our car to the Spa (Volvo dealership), and it was detailed and polished to the extreme. The oil, brake fluid, and even all the air filters to the main cabin of Air Volvo were new. Susie and I decided to enjoy our newly clean and happy car.

We drove all the way to Hood River and then back. Hood River was full of people, and I did not see close adherence to masks and social distancing there. I may be too sensitive to this, so do not take my word on Hood River’s practices, but I was not able to trust them with Susie. We drove around and then left. There were a lot of people enjoying the Colombia River, but it is hard to swim with a mask so we just watched from the car.

We came back to Portland and went to Olympic Provisions for a wonderful dinner. This is one of the premium places in Portland, and Susie and I have not been returned to Olympic Provisions this year due to the virus. They do meats. I had steak tartar, and Susie had the Spanish charcuterie board. It was all perfect, and we sat outside. Olympic Provisions table has hand sanitizer on the table and two bottles of water and glasses for our safety. The menu was in plastic covered and cleaned before given to you. Food and drinks were delivered with gloves and, of course, masks.

Anti-protestors came to Portland while we were there. They filled the roads and bridges with the USA flag and other anti-protestor banners carrying cars. We got to listen to the car horns and a helicopter that was watching for some reason while we had dinner.

When our spectacular dinner was done, we had a new problem. Some of the anti-protestors were hanging out near my car but left when I came to get it. The staff at Olympic Provisions was ready to help me if I had issues with the visiting anti-protestors. I think the staff was very angry with the anti-protestors; the anti-protestors road through Portland back and forth and disrupted all the flow of weekend visitors–the Saturday Evening customers were a no-show.

I found myself having to avoid traffic snarls and find myself inside of their group. I would not likely tolerate that well and might mess-up my newly cleaned Volvo if overexposed to their racist banners. So I drove across Portland and took a less direct route home. I got out and on to 26, but I was then passed on the wrong side by a flag-waving honking massive pickup in the tunnel. I think I saw that in a Bette Midler movie when someone took her parking spot. “We are faster and younger,” was the driver’s response when she cut in and stole the parking spot. Bette then slammed her car into the younger person’s car, explaining, “I a richer, older, and better insured.” I managed to remember that I just got the Volvo cleaned.

We made it home safely, with the car still neat and clean.

I started the day about 9ish and made buckwheat pancakes and bacon for breakfast-lunch. Susie was up and had some too. I was happy to make buckwheat pancakes as years ago at the Laingsburg Pancake Breakfast. Dad and Grandpa Wild would sell tickets and make pancakes with the Lions and for the Business Association. There was a huge sidewalk sale. It was always near the end of summer, so I thought I would just remember that today.

I played a game of the board game Istanbul against myself today. I wanted to remember the rules as this game uses a very different mechanic, and I just like playing even only against myself.

It is reported that over nine-hundred fifty people died from the virus today in the USA.

I found a new version for 2020 for this hymn, Many Gifts, One Spirit, #114 in the Methodist Hymnal.

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