Day 169: Monday Again

I started today about 6ish and dived into hours and hours of Zoom meetings. More designs were reconsidered, and we have some of the classic discovery of an idea by others that we presented months ago. Credit gets re-assigned—so typical frustrating day at work.

I did the laundry while I enjoyed the Zoom meetings. I also received the grocery order and got Susie off to Zerida for her Monday hair-nail-face-toes treatments.

I also enjoyed paying for all those stocks I sold. I sent a payment to the IRS today. I actually have an account with the IRS. It is the best way to know if they have your payments and return.

So it was a stressful and meeting enriched morning. I put in an order for lunch for a lamb gyro from Gyro House. I had a meeting even through lunchtime with a few directors, including my boss. I did not first notice that they got my note on my lunch. They miss me!

I used to order a Turkish Coffee and write on my Apple while I waited for my food at a table for one. They knew me, and I would take a baklava home for Susie. “It was for Susie,” I would tell them. They would just smile.

I had a few more meetings and emails and crises of the moment for Monday at home working.

This video could be us at Nike today. We keep jumping out of a plane: The Penguins Take Flight Scene

For dinner, I made Italian sausage, locally made from Olympian Provision, with sauce from a jar and pasta. It was good. I slice up the sausage and fry it until it is browned and then drain it and put that sausage in the sauce. I managed to pour out the water from the pasta without incident (I burned myself a few weeks ago doing that). I had more than one serving…

Susie got a flu shot today and is not feeling that well. That was my experience with the flu shot. I was extra tired the next day–Susie is already slowed down.

It is reported that more than five-hundred twenty people in the USA today died from the virus.

I went with something Portland for the music: This is Me. It is not a hymn, but I liked it in the movie.

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