Day 170: Tuesday

Yes, one-hundred seventy days of lockdown and still going.

The morning started again at 6ish with a quick spin through email as I had my first meeting at 7ish on Zoom. I continued in meetings on Zoom all morning. I then applied a patch, after getting special security access to apply it myself, all through lunch. I worked non-stop from about 6ish to 1ish. I then took a break and read for a while. I stopped a couple times to answer emails and text. I had a meeting from 5PM to 6ish.

I was not feeling that well; the pollen and pressure change from some weather fronts making me uncomfortable.

Lunch was a new selection, a bento box, from Mr. Bento Teriyaki. I decided to go with the old favorite: chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura, potstickers, and rice. I also ordered some spring rolls and miso soup. It was expensive after being delivered. I will skip the soup and spring rolls–too much food.

The last meeting was a bit chaotic as I got a phone call on the house line and then a person looking for Corwin at the front door. I do not usually get all of this and a Zoom meeting at the same time.

Susie is a bit better. I think the trip to the Gorge and back with dinner in Portland cheered Susie. Susie was up at noon today, and she seems more aware of what is going on.

(Susie riding her exercise bike)

I was tired and not ready to make dinner. I did get a case of local veggies yesterday, but I not willing to cook again. Dinner out was not that appealing. So I drove to Taco Bell and got us a little dinner and brought it back. That worked out.

I finished a set of books today, Shades of Magic series by V. E. Schwab. It made me laugh as the characters say and do outrageous things in the fantasy books three of them, but I would have trouble recommending them. I found the characters, not that sympathetic. There is a lot of throat slitting. So try one before you commit to the series. Warning, once you start, you may not be able to stop.

I found out that Andrea Camilleri has two more crime-mystery novels to be published after his death. So I have one of those next. Also, the Naval Institute Press has published a new book on Wargame design that I have started, The Craft of War-gaming.

This is a three day weekend, and I have two more sets of Scythe items to paint from the campaign game. As these are part of the hidden content for the Fenris campaign, there will be no photos. No spoilers here!

Aside: Many newer board games have a campaign content that is hidden in cool boxes until a certain events call in the content, often thematic models that fit the game. Scythe has a hidden content system in the Fenris add-on. We, the crazy Scythe players, loved to buy another set of cool things to do with one of the best board games.

The stock market went up like crazy again. Nike stock is at a new high, again. I am just accepting all the good numbers.

More than eleven-hundred people in the USA died from the virus today. It appears that the death rate declined by 10% a week for the last month.

I stayed with Portland music as we seem to be in the news so much, just one hymn in a set of songs.

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