Day 171: Wednesday All Meetings

Today started a bit later as I was tired this morning.

Work was Zoom meetings. We had some process breaks and design hiccups that left me frustrated.

I am not happy with the clarifications I received from leadership, but I do like to be paid, so I will try to make it work.

The highlight of the morning was, of course, lunch. I managed to try Subway. I know it is not glamorous, but I wanted a tuna fish sub sandwich with lots of veggies after the frustration. I had it delivered, and it was perfect–well for Subway.

I had a short break and then more and more meetings. Tonight I was back online at 8PM, dealing with more frustration; the Nike laptop failed to update emails for a few hours.

During one of the meetings this late afternoon, a very long presentation on the process and decision processes, I cut up the locally grown heritage tomatoes and onions. I then cut up pork boneless ribs to made goulash using the tasty recipe in my German cookbook. I then baked the fingerling potatoes, also locally grown heritage, to go with it. During the meeting–between cooking–I did ask some questions. I needed to get dinner started as it takes more than an hour of cooking, but I had to pay attention too.

Aside: Luckily, I had no questions directed to me while I was cutting up the onions in the meeting. I was a crying wreck from the way too fresh onions!

Migraine headache migration happened today. The morning put the headache on the left side. It then moved to the right for the afternoon. Aspirin, coffee, and water have softened the pain. I suspect Friday is the cure for the headaches.

As you can read, today was lots of meetings and emails and trying to fix problems.

Susie was up a bit later today and just got to riding her bike. We both agree she needs to ride it twice a day. She is riding it at least once a day.

I put the AC back on today as it broke over 90F again and will be hot for the week and the holiday.

I started the painting of the Scythe board game items from the secret content of the Fenris add-on. I plan to finish them up this weekend. I was going to wait for the spare set I ordered, but it is not likely I will play Fenris this weekend, so I will paint them now.

I have been reading the rules for WW2 Deluxe: European Theater. I plan to try it this long weekend, solo. I discovered the designer, Jon Compton, is one of the designers of military wargames for the USA military. I am reading a new book on wargames and he is mentioned. I was in the Kickstarter for the update of his WW2 game and I like the rules already.

Today the stock market ignored the rule that September is always down and rocketed straight up.

Sorry, this is short today.

The reports are that another eleven-hundred people in the USA fell to the virus today.

Today I went back to hymns and picked one I like to sing, Crown Him with many crowns. This is Methodist Hymnal #327.

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