Day 172: Thursday Zooming

Today started early at 6ish. We had an all Nike Zoom call with the CEO, and his direct reports at 7AM local Portland time. The layoffs and re-orgs will continue. Management is happy with the new leadership and plans. I have nothing to say about laying off my fellow employees during a Covid-19 emergency.

I then had hours and hours of meetings and trying to help get something moving. It was a hard push to lunch. I ordered Mexican, and it was delivered hot and on-time from Victorico’s Mexican Food (Tanasborne) by GrubHub.

I was very frustrated yesterday, and I wrote some directive notes to people today. I was happy to see my boss and other appreciative of my efforts to try to bring some conclusions to complex issues. We had yet-another-meeting at 4PM that when to 5:30, but we finally closed off the problems. An update was sent at 8ish, and I agreed to it about 9ish.

Nobody was ready to make dinner, and I was running late. I got pizza from Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza. We got a stuff Chicago, my fav, a New York for Susie, and Evan was here and got a veggie pizza.

As we all know, what goes must come down. The USA stock market remembering that it is September, crashed a bit today–a form of gravity finally working. Tesla is down 20% in the last three days. Other tech leaders are also taking losses. Option chains are exploding, and shorting is widespread. Even gold is down. I am just watching.

I began painting my Scythe items now that I have the bases masked. It takes three coats to mask the bases. I finished the last coat between meetings when I had a meeting finish a few minutes early.

Today the reports show about one-thousand people in the USA lost their battle against the infection today.

I did not know this one: Baba Yetu – Stellenbosch University Choir. Baba Yetu (Our Lord) is the Lord’s Prayer sung in Swahili and was originally a theme song for a video game.

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