Day 177: Tuesday Smoked

Today I did not work from home. I took the day off–as much as you can in a lockdown.

I stayed mostly inside. I did see the smoke blow away and then tonight blow back into the area.

(It was darker a bit later as more smoke headed out way. My friends refer to the smoke in their posts as “Mordor” coming for the Portland area).

My throat and eyes were burning most of the day. I did not talk that much today. I took the day off to avoid having issues with my throat–bad air conditions do me harm.

So I stayed inside, except for a few excursions to get the mail and check the sky and mostly read.

I made cheeseburgers for lunch. Frozen patties were part of the grocery delivery from Safeway today. This time everything was perfect from Safeway, and they delivered an hour early. So we had patties and buns. So I grilled up three patties and added cheese. I did think of this: Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Corwin headed out later to play chess I think with a friend. I found the box of potato skins with cheese and bacon in the freezer from Schwan’s, and so Susie and I had those for dinner with a side of fresh cucumber from our local box of veggies. I am trying to use it up!

Corwin did the groceries today and said, “We have too much food!” Having two different sizes of olives? Two heads of lettuce? Quart of teriyaki sauce? Well, maybe we are a bit over-stocked.

I watched “Foyer’s War,” the BBC show and recommended, today while cooking and doing the dishes. Again, keeping it a quiet, slow-moving day.

I liked to tell you that I did interesting things today, but no, I just read a book and made some easy meals. That is what you do when the air is difficult.

The US stock market fell over six-hundred points. One of the trials for the vaccine in the UK has trouble with side-effects. That leaves two vaccine in stage 3 without issues, so far. In more bad news, the US Senate appears to be deadlocked against stimulus as the US unemployment rate fell from unimaginable bad 10% to 8.5% horribly bad. But, my Ford stock went up and Nike is at $112+. According to my information, the market is no longer betting on tech stocks and is looking at inflation returning. That is my concern, and I hope I am wrong.

Today the reports show that about five-hundred people died from the infection in the USA today.

I found this version of Pues Si Vivimos that mostly matches the Methodist Hymnal #356. I think I have done this before, but it is a good day for it.


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