Day 178: Wednesday Wind and Smoke

Today the morning was clear, and the smell of smoke, while still there, was much reduced. I went back to work and started at 6ish. I had a lot of items to handle as I was out ill yesterday–suffering a sore throat from the smoke.

We are starting to write much of the integration software for the next big go-live in January 2022–yes, that far away–and so I had to review and approve some designs. This means I had to read design documents and approve them or ask questions. This included today a lot of meetings with the various directors and my boss, also a director, and discuss more integration designs. So it was a busy day of designing and talking about designs. It is full of frustration for me, but I will not write the specifics here. I would instead write about what happened than complain.

I had made coffee yesterday, so I had nearly a whole cold pot of coffee that I just kept heating one cup at a time in the microwave. I just could not throw away so much Mexican fair trade coffee. Even reheated, it was still good–I like the taste of border crossing liberal styled coffee any morning.

I watered the grass today. I never do that. But it looks look like dry straw, and with fires in the area, it would be ridiculous to have my lawn catch fire and burn us up! So during the meeting this morning, I would put out the sprinkler and put on a timer on the stove for 15 minutes. The alarm would then reminded while in all these Zoom calls to move the sprinkler. I spent a few hours watering while in meetings. Often saying, I will be back in five minutes and rushing out to move the sprinkler and set another alarm. We are safer now.

There was a note on Facebook from the local Oregon animal control that it would be a good idea to put a bucket of water or two outside. This was so when that bear, elk, coyote, cougar, or other animals that are running from the fire can get a drink and for us NOT TO SHOOT THEM OUT OF FEAR. I would add that you really want the scared and burned bear to find the water OUTSIDE and not want to come in for a drink! I have a bucket on the deck ready for the raccoons and squirrels and anything else.

I also forgot to mention in the last couple of writings that I did watch the next episode of “Lovecraft Country.” The story went far from the book this time, but again I think the revisions fit better for visual media. Also, most of the book chapters focus on a different character and have horrors and magic happen to that new family member. The episodes in the TV version are focusing on two main characters and then add another character here and there. So I am often surprised, and it is a bit scary for me. I recommend it, but it is Lovecraft styled horror with a large budget, so be ready for that!

I decided that La Provenance need my business. I ordered their Monte Cristo sandwich for lunch; their version is enormous and something special. I had it delivered, but I was disappointed by the sandwich as the ham and cheese were not as good as I remember it. It was still good, just not great. Next time I will order the corned-beef hash with poached eggs.

Work continued until 5:30PM with a short few breaks. Susie was up around 2ish. The smoke returned as the winds changed directions again. The sun went away, and the sky went red and gray.

I asked Corwin to make dinner, but he did not get going in time and had to leave before we got it going. We made baked chicken, boneless and skinless chicken thighs, with just salt and pepper. I peeled potatoes and carrots for sides. I served up steamed carrots and mashed potatoes. Susie liked it. Plain food is often good.

I found a rose, slightly heat-stressed, and it seemed a good sign for today that things will be better soon.

(this rose came with the house and was transplanted here long ago from another home by the previous owner-The rose bush is likely older than me)

Today the US market decided to fly up at breakneck speeds. Nike stock is up to $114+.

More than twelve-hundred people in the USA died from the virus today, according to published reports.

Maybe it is early for a Christmas song, but it looks like it is snowing here. Niño Lindo and Methodist Hymnal #222.

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