Day 179: Thursday Fires

Today the air quality in Beaverton is rated at over 250 (higher is worse), and Hillsboro is rated over 130. We are somewhere in between. Everything is more challenging today. I move slower and painfully and have to make an effort to keep going. The can of mead (yes, mead) I had during Theology Pub, a church group that discusses theology over food and drinks now on Zoom, has turned being slowed into a broken synchronization of movements. No more mead!

Returning to awaking in the strange yellow light of smoke-filled skies, today started in 88 air quality in Beaverton at about 6ish. I had a 7AM Zoom meeting, so I did my initial emails and checks and rushed to a shower and then, dressed, started my day in earnest.

Hours of Zoom calls, emails, and crises of the moment followed. The light grew more yellow, and the sun was missing, email and meetings and phone calls continued in vail to try to resolve issues. It was frustrating. Lunch came.

I took Corwin to enjoy Burger King. I was going to make lunch, burgers, but I was so unhappy that I could not focus on the task and so I blew $20 on burgers to-go. They are good, and I did not have to clean-up; maybe it was worth it.

I watered the grass while doing meetings in the afternoon. I also have been escalated on, so I have more meetings on Friday for not aligning to another team’s shortcuts. Again, it was not a very happy day.

The sun reappeared, a pale dot, but it at least returned.

I made dinner for two. Corn on the cob, locally grown from my local veggie box delivered last week, and Chicken Cordon Blu frozen from Schwans. I put a dent, small, in all the food we have.

Corwin won’t be joining us as he is headed to help a friend’s family rescue their possessions from the fire and possible looting. I took out the emergency equipment in Air Volvo and sent it with him to help. I keep a toolbox, huge first aid kit, compass, money, jackknife, and so on in Air Volvo–all sent with him to help. He expects to return on Sunday.

After dinner, I had a mead; I saw them on Facebook and orders some, not that recommended. Sort of a cross between soda pop and a beer. I then entered one more Zoom meeting, the Theology Pub meeting. We have been meeting for over five years and have covered the seven deadly sins, and today’s theme was kindness.

Dondrea leads the discussion, and, after a few hours, we were not sure that kindness can be done by an institution as it seemed to involve a personal choice. We were confident that kindness is a basis for most religions. We all agreed that kindness was good for the giver and the recipient and it seemed very important to be kind. We are all worried about the fires and the smoke. We signed-off after about 90 mins.

I filled a bucket of water for the animals that might need a drink and left it in the dark on the deck.

The market fell almost at the same rate as it climbed yesterday. Bonds sold well, which does suggest that some believe inflation will not happen.

The deaths from the virus today in the USA grew to over a thousand. The rate appears to be increasing.

This song worked for me today: Whom Shall I Fear (The God of Angel Armies). It is interesting to see him sing all parts this back in 2013.

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