Day 182: Sunday Go Slow Air

This will be a short note this evening. Not much happened today as I wanted to keep it a bit quiet.

I started 9ish on a smoking and foggy morning. The sky was not yellow or orange this morning. The air still smelled of smoke, but it was damp. The house was cold as the air condition could not heat the house. The air outside was “very unhealthy.”

WW2 Deluxe: War in Europe board game was set for a 1943 scenario on my table from last night. I wanted to try it with slightly more complex challenges. I played it here and there all day. I was feeling tired, and it was hard to focus on it. I did manage to mess up a full turn and take Italy for the Allies and capture Vichy France also for the Allies. I then realized I did not include the impact of attacking a unit in the mountains on the combat charts. I undid the damage by sending Romel’s army to Vichy to smash the weak forces–even in the mountains! On the next turn, the Axis side can get Romel back to the north to face D-Day. The errors in Italy was easy to reverse. Something to get right next play!

I put the game away this evening as I need the table for work on Monday. I will try to work on Monday with the bad air.

I made another quiche for Susie this morning, and she finally got going very late today and enjoyed it.

Just as I finished the quiche, Mariah asked me if I wanted to risk lunch out in the bad air. We selected the Golden Valley Brewery as they have extreme attention to anti-virus procedures, and the customer seems to comply with care to masks and social distancing.

The quiche needed to cool before being put away, so that would work. I left a piece cut for Susie and headed off.

Mariah and I lunch with beers. I had a mushroom burger, and she had a sandwich, she took half of it home. We chatted about writing as Mariah is starting a Zine with a friend.

I returned home and took it slow.

I reheated leftovers for my dinner.

Corwin returned tonight from the fires. He spent the last few days helping the firefighters by delivering supplies to them.

I watched the “Lovecraft County” TV series on HBO, and it got a bit more gory and scary. Still recommended, but it is a full-blown Hollywood horror series now. You have been warned.

Reports show that more than three-hundred ninety people in the USA died from Corvid-19 today.

This is a hymn I can sing, and I like, but I did not know its name: I Know Whom I Have Believed.

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