Day 183: Monday Bad Air

The air was supposed to get better, but we are still over 300 hundred on the air quality index.

Today started at 6:30ish, with me wanting an extra thirty minutes. Sadly, Tuesday has a 7ish meeting, so no additional sleeping tomorrow. I was reminded by the various warning that my password would expire on the Nike internal network. I reset it and then spent forty-five minutes restarting my laptop, forcing my phone to update with new certificates, and passing various two-factor security to reestablish that it was me again. I try not to change the password on Friday, as I always find nothing works on Monday.

Today I had nearly non-stop Zoom calls, many with the same people. It started getting funny in the late afternoon when we all found us on another call with the same people. Towards the late afternoon, the bad air began to get to me as it seemed harder to talk and concentrate.

Lunch was reheated beef barley and veggie soup. I was shocked when I went to serve myself from the saucepan that I had used to reheated some of the soup; no meat was in the pan–How I managed that is unknown to me. I had simply missed any meat, so I enjoyed carrots and taters and barley for lunch. I had some pretzels later when I got hungry.

I had many outstanding tasks from last week; I had taken off Friday because of the bad air. I started to catch-up on my tasks in the afternoon. I worked them while listening to some of the status styled meetings on Zoom.

I finished at about 5:30.

Tonight was our next Roll20 game of Dungeons and Dragons, 5e. We played a few weeks ago and then had to take a break as one of our players had some conflicts. Corwin missed tonight. Our new player, Sean, played and so we had enough players to play.

It was fun, Sean having issues with his browser but worked it out, and the players managed to get to the next level, two, of the gigantic Maze of the Mad Mage. The players are having a great time as their characters are too high of character level for the adventure starting level, so everything is crunch-splat. They change one of the characters into a T-Rex if anything looks dangerous–serious crunch-splat! I also managed to blow almost every roll for running the adventure, rolling a zero once (hard to do), and rolling well once to only be shown-up by nearly all the players rolling super well.

The players also missed just about every roll for insight and history. This made the adventure somewhat opaque to the players. They did not have much information on what was happening and where the risks were. But they had a T-Rex, so that did not really matter.

When the players reached the next level, there they encountered a goblin market, and after a fireball, the goblins were very helpful–those not a pile of ash. The goblins suggested that the other gang in the complex would be a better source of treasure (the treasure of the goblins was equivalent to finding chests filled with pennies and nickels). We called it for the night when the adventures found a beholder zombie guarding another section of the complex. That is where we will start next Monday.

Aside: Beholder is copyrighted content from the original 1970s release of Dungeons and Dragons. It is a levitating giant single eye in a round body with a vast cruel mouth. The top of the body is covered with eyes on stalks, which all can move. Each eye can shoot a deadly magical ray attack. It was something you, as a player, avoided; a full-powered Beholder is very difficult to defeat in its lair. It is considered a classic to players of D& and designed to stop over-powered players in their tracks (often having only their boot left where they were standing after experiencing the disintegration ray).

Before playing, I made chicken Cordon Blu from frozen, mac and cheese (Kraft Deluxe), and canned peaches for dinner. I again was trying to use up some food–we have a lot of food.

The reports show four-hundred eighty people were slain by the infection today in the USA.

I found this new song made for these times: Go Light Your World.

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