Day 184: Tuesday Extra Long with Smoke

Today started at 6ish, and despite the air problems, the air conditioning is working to clean the air. I slept well and was woken by my alarm. The first meeting today, a Zoom call with my boss and various directors from Nike and the SAP Company’s India office and our Nike office in India, was at 7:00, so it is a rushed start. I was dressed, showered, shaved, etc. by the meeting.

The foul air, down to 200ish tonight, makes me slow and burns my eyes a bit. The house smells of smoke, and despite the AC, the air seems dry and harsh. I find it hard to concentrate.

I had non-stop calls until 10:30ish. After that, I tried to take a break, and then the software upgrade steps came-up and other issues surfaced. I got a couple 30 min breaks between calls and questions.

In one of the breaks, I received my caliper today from FedEx. I ordered these from Digikey from AdaFruit. AdaFruit recommends these, but as they are almost 100% busy making Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for New York City, their home, I had to order from Digikey. I need these to build the 3D Printer. I paid an extra $12 as they are made in China for President Trump. Even sent from Digikey, they have an AdaFruit sticker on them.

The box the caliper was sent in was electrostatic resistant, and the caliper in its own plastic box was wrapped in electrostatic protection. Calipers do not need that protection. Likely, the product is mismarked in Digikey’s computer system as sensitive parts and not as sensitive tools–don’t drop it not protect it from static!

Once I got it free of the wrapping, I had to replace the digital caliper’s battery, they had a spare with it, and I broke my screwdriver for miniature work trying to loosen the screw and cut myself. I was not happy about that; apparently, I needed to be protected! I finally replaced the battery, and the digital caliper is now ready to be used and working great.

Aside: I ordered a new screwdriver set to replace my broken computer sized screwdriver set: JAKEMY 49 in 1 S-2 Bits Precision Screwdriver Set Repair Tool Kit Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Aluminum Case for iPhone/Smartphone/PC/Tablet/Eyeglass.

I also received a 50 pack of N95 masks today. These work against the smoke. I tried one out, and they keep the irritation from my throat, even in the house. I then took a pack, they are shipped in a box that contains five packs of ten, to our older Vietnamese neighbors. With some hand waving and a few repeats of English reworded, they understood that these N95 are for the smoke. They should be a bit safer, and I got a small bag of tomatoes as thanks.

I was going to make my lunch, but I instead ordered a lamb gyro from the Gyro House. It is just so good and I am tired so I thought some protein and spicy garlic sauce would wake me up. I order extra bread to eat with the lamb. I move the gyro to a plate and cut it with a knife and eat it with a fork, tearing extra bread to go with the lamb. I was still tried, but I was feeling a bit better.

I had calls until 7:20ish. The last two calls were with software architect and analysis. We talked about how to design software and how we should work with vendors.

I made cheeseburgers for dinner from frozen patties that cook up perfectly in the pan. I just add a slice of cheese on top when the patty is cooked through, cover with a lid as I pour in a little water, and let the steam finish the cooking and melt the cheese. I pull the patties and add buns and, without soaking the buns, repeat with the heat off, to toast and heat the buns. I cut a fresh tomato for mine.

I am on call tonight and working part of the night. I might stop if I cannot think straight.

Just sort of twelve-hundred people in the USA died from Corvid-19 today according to the Internet.

I thought this was a good choice for today. I might have done it before, but it is one I can actually sing: He Leadeth Me: O Blessed Thoughts. This is Methodist Hymnal #128.


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