Day 201: Friday with Horror

Tonight I had time to watch a few horror films. In 1996, the same year I moved to Oregon was the first H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and this week is the 25th festival (the counting is a bit off, I think, as I am in my 24th year in Oregon, but it is likely non-Euclidian counting). I have purchased my pass to everything and shirt and pass for the weekend on Kickstarter. This is all on-line this time, and so I have been watching here at home. I have been watching the shorts, my favorites, and a few of those are intense!

I will be watching more tonight when it is dark, and more films over the weekend. I miss having a nice chair in the Hollywood Theater in Portland, eating popcorn, and seeing all the folks. Getting a pizza slice from the “pie hole.” I miss playing a round or two of Cthulhu Wars with my painted set. It has huge six-inch figures, painted in all their horror glory, that are so satisfying to move on the board. Also, there is usually someone with a scenario of Call of Cthulhu to play. I miss the experience.

Less missed will be the stupid long lines for the men’s room and to purchase beer and food. Then there is the slight mildew smell and the uneven floors, including the crazy dangerous steps in the upper theater where usually I spill popcorn when I trip. It is a bit of a dive.

Next year had yet-another-thing to do when things get back to normal! If there is a normal next year.

Today started at 7ish, as I needed a little more sleep. My first meeting was later, and I had emails, text, and some reading to do. This went on as we tried to get some items finished today. They will spill into next week.

Lunch was reheated Chinese food from earlier this week. I then decided to make cupcakes using German Chocolate Cake mix and coconut pecan frosting. I started on the dirty dishes from the previous day, and the dishwasher was full of clean dishes, so I quickly cleared up that mess. I found all my paper cupcake liners and my cupcake pans and got them made. I frosted them after they cooled.

I went outside and gave away cupcakes to the neighbors who were all out doing things. Reaching carefully not to break social distancing. It was nice to see them.

I finished work with more emails and more thoughts about software installs.

Dinner was pork chops, frozen from Schwans, leftovers. I had one bone-less, one bone-in, and a pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon. I defrosted them in water and then marinated the chops in teriyaki sauce, next frying them in a near smoking hot pan with light oil, then putting the pan in the oven to finish.

Before that, I made corn muffins from a mix to go with the chops. I also found mixed veggies in the freezer and got them into the hot oven too. It was a good dinner. Susie had three muffins!

I watched more shorts from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, setting up my new monitor on my Apple. It is a bigger screen. Nothing was as scary or intense as the first two shorts!

I have paused the films to order groceries on and then to write this blog. I will be back tonight to watch more.

I was shocked to see the President enter the hospital. Again, prayers go out to the Whitehouse folks and the First Family.

More than eight-hundred sixty people died from the virus today. The death rate has slowed as treatments have improved. The death rate is 3-4% now.

I decided on something for the President and the Whitehouse folks: God Be with You Till We Meet Again.


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