Day 202: Saturday Jungle-Remove

Today I am using the new editor. Grammarly finally works with WordPress again! It still works poorly as each paragraph is now a separate block and must be checked by itself.

Today my lawn service worked all day to clear out the mess that is the back corners of my backyard. The blackberry bushes, an invasive species from the Himalayas of all places, grow gigantic here, the irony of the name is not lost on me, and are quite tasty too, if a bit seedy. The Himalayas Blackberry bush canes dry and build a huge bush with the dead brown canes supporting the live canes. The brown dead canes still have sharp points and, when dried, a fire hazard. Having a huge pile of bushes growing in the pine needles next to my fence in the fire season needed to be addressed.

The cleanup

We did salvage the rhododendron and apple tree and trimmed the now large pine free that looked like a Christmas Tree when I moved on October 31, 1996. The apple tree is from the original farm from what I have read. The pioneer family needs a cash crop, so they planted apples. The home was built in the old farm fields, and some of the apple trees were kept. You can see a few of them left that are spaced out, still like an orchard. The apple tree fell-over when the rains and water turned the earth to a mush a few years ago. The apple tree arrested its fall with two of its heavy branches and survived these last couple of years growing sideways. Today we removed all of that and saved all the branches growing up and recovered a huge section of the backyard again. I hope that we can keep the apple tree growing.

Today is also the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. I usually spend today in Portland at the Hollywood Theater watching scary films, eating popcorn and drinking a beer while watching, playing board games and role-playing games based on what we call the Mythos, and seeing old friends. Usually, I can buy some real creepy items: pages of the dread Necronomicon, specimens in bottles, woodcuts from the medieval times clearly showing Mythos creatures, and items made of bones. All fake, of course, but well-executed. Dinner would be pizza or a local food place suddenly full of friendly but very odd people talking strange topics. I really miss it today.

I watched about three hours of feature-length horror and hours of shorts, my favorites. I have to stop and relax and start again. My imagination is a bit too vivid for some of these. This year’s selection is well done and often just one actor due to the emergency.

Susie missed breakfast and lunch today. I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I used Ragu from the bottle. I poured it on pasta with meatballs, frozen that I had baked with bacon (which I saved for cooked tomorrow). Everyone was surprised at how good everything was. Ragu, the original, appears to have been improved. It was a bit bright, but I thought it good. I think not cooking with the meat in the Ragu helped.

Today, more than seven-hundred fifty people in the USA, including eight in Oregon, died this Saturday from Covid-19.

I found this nice video My Father’s World.

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