Day 205: Tuesday Mostly Tired

Today I sold all of my holdings in BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies held for me by CoinBase after learning that the CoinBase company, with a large presence here in Portland, is run by some jerk. I follow Violet Blue and read her Covid-19 and security reports she sends out every week. I support her on the website Patron. By the way, Patron is a means to make monthly payments to artists and writers and bloggers to support them and get their reports. Violent Blue reported about the bad actors in CoinBase as part of her reporting through Patron.

Again, it is very political, so I will not cover most of it here, but I sold out my holdings, only about a thousand bucks, and returned the money to US Dollars and sent all the money to US Bank my bank since I moved here to Oregon twenty-four years ago. I had made and lost money as has most people who dabble in cryptocurrencies. I am about even, but the tax consequences will likely, including a huge amount of documentation requirements, bring my experience of holding crypto to a loss.

As I said, I did some presentations on cryptocurrencies a few years ago and thought I should hold some if I planned to write and present on crypto. I have not done anything but watch the ups and downs for a year. I played in small amounts, and my worst mistake was spending a few hundred dollars and then a few more on Stella Lumen only to have the software that controls Stella Lumen vapor-lock and cause a complete loss of confidence in the crypto and a crash in the value of Stella Lumen that never reversed. My best move, oddly, was to buy some BitCoin fraction and double my money. It had bought it just to say I had some. I did not expect it to double–just luck.

Returning to my earlier day, I started at 6ish and had a 7AM meeting including people from India. This was followed by status meetings and planning meetings. This went on for a while all in Zoom. I took a few short breaks as I am very tired and my reaction to the pollen makes breathing harder. Some folks commented that I looked tired in the Zoom meetings.

I slipped out and went for a walk for about twenty minutes between Zooming, use-it-or-lose-it. My legs do not seem to work quite right lately, and feel sore like I have pulled muscles. A sign, I believe, of too many stressed-out hours of sitting at my Nike laptop. More walking and making lunch appears the correct action to take. Get moving!

Lunch was soup and potato salad and corn chips, clam chowder from a can.

The meetings went on, and Susie had some problems that I had to help with, nothing serious. I had to stop and help her and then back to more meetings. I also had a short break and went to read for a bit lying down. I nodded off. I woke in time for my meetings. Doubled-booked and rushing to be late for another meeting. Finally, at 530ish was done. Or so I thought, when my upgrade for the production build completed and I was back online at 6ish finishing up the software checks and green-lighting the next steps.

Corwin took over making dinner. Baked skinless and boneless chicken thighs with Herbs de Provence. This time we used the herb mix we picked up at the Van Gough Museum in Holland and remember our Christmas in Holland in 2019. Mashed potatoes that Corwin added too much salt (oops) and not quite cooked (double oops) and green beans.

I was reading and sleeping while Corwin made and served dinner. Susie enjoyed it–she did not finish her mashed to Corwin’s chagrin.

Just me writing

After yesterday’s rocket ride, the US stock market faltered when President Trump announced there would be no new stimulus package. The market is also starting to price in an increase in inflation, which would happen if the US economy fails.

Just under eight-hundred people died today of Covid-19 today in the USA.

I have done this prayer before, but I found this new version I liked: The Prayer of Saint Francis. Methodist Hymnal #481.

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