Day 206: Wednesday and working

Today was a working day with a few breaks. It started at 6ish, but I decided to make it 6:30ish and managed to sleep an extra 15 minutes. The first meeting was at 7:30, so I had to rush a bit–but that is the cost to get 15 minutes. The sleep is not that important–it the feeling of control I think of stealing a few extra minutes makes it worth it. Thinking all day that “I decided to sleep in” makes the day a bit easier.

I slipped in a banana (I think missed a joke there) and coffee for breakfast, many cups of coffee, while I listened and talking here and there on Zoom calls. I am reading and approving these discussions and documents while listening, multi-tasking with the video off. These are the final choices for Nike’s go-live coming up in a few months and for the big one more than a year away. A year may sound like a long way off. I have waited three years to get to this point, so I had tears in my eyes a few times–it is emotional for me. I know what these mean–we are setting the direction for Nike’s future and the future of the computer systems.

I also completed the initial software install of a system going live soon. We are now installing the customizations and starting up the processes to get the new systems in place this December. This timing means I am working through part of the Christmas holiday this year. Again, three years to get here, so I am excited to get a new system in this crazy year, a system that handles master data (it is boring to most people), for Nike’s new systems. Our master data system has to go up first as it supplies data to all the new systems as they go-live early 2021.

My legs are working better today. I think walking is working. I went for another twenty-minute walk between a few Zoom calls.

Lunch was reheated goulash from a few nights ago. Susie was up late; she was so tired after so many poor nights. I had a break, so I slipped in making scones to my work today, Ginger Lemon, from King Arthur box mix–my go-to–and they came out perfect. Susie was thrilled that I made her scones, and they were still warm when I served them.

I slipped out again and drove to the post office to buy stamps. I needed to pay for the work done on the backyard (a lot of $), and I needed to mail the check today. I also wanted stamps for my voting by mail, something appropriate. I have Scooby-Doo and Bugs Bunny stamps ready now. I will likely use Scooby-Doo stamps on my ballet that way, I can imagine Mike Pence saying, “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!” Susie will likely use the opera Bugs Bunny stamps.

My voting stamps

The mail contained a finish of a Kickstarter project. I received some updated parts for my copy of the board game Pax Pamir 2nd Edition. The game designer has replaced the engraved tribe markers with painted markers that are easier to use. It also came with a few corrections to some cards. The Kickstart process and other like websites have improved board games and role-playing games by providing a means for updates and add-ons to be pre-purchased so the game designer can know the product will be a success. This game is not sold usually in stores. You have to get it through a Kickstarter project, or, as in my case, get the update to my existing copy.

I finished my work at 5ish as I had to make dinner, and I was tired again. I made tacos for dinner and read my new book. Dondrea has recommended it, The Devil in the White City: A Saga of Magic and Murder at the Fair that Changed America, and it reads easy, and the story is interesting. I would recommend it too.

We watched the Vice President debates.

Today just over nine-hundred thirty people died from the infection in the USA.

Today I went with one I believe I have sung before, Holy God, We Praise Thy Name. Methodist Hymnal #79.

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