Day 210: Sunday with Virtual

The last presentation for the conference this evening was about Artificial Intelligence (AI), discussing Machine Learning, a branch of AI, and was being given in Paris, France, for the Melbourne, Australia virtual conference. Instead of me and other flying and meeting, we met at the virtual conference powered by software called OnAir. It mostly worked.

Before this, I visited a few other presentations that led to a meeting of ten people who wanted to discuss the subject more. I met the West Australian Police who would love a demo of our use of reporting in our system at Nike–I will try to get them a demo. I also discussed other details of reporting with Australian based electric utility companies. We were all wide-eyed as we tried to use microphones and cameras to create a presence in the conference through the OnAir software. We were all learning and a bit nervous.

It was not perfect, and Steve, who I have met only on-screen and by phone and runs the conference, kept using a broadcasting ability to talk over the conference to give us some direction, and I think a bit of courage. I had to mute him once to hear a speaker who just ignored the interruption. Steve was just telling us to talk to each other–software developers can be a bit introverted. The conference was strange, sometimes boring as the recorded sessions were sometimes too long, and it was wonderful to meet and share this weird experience with so many people across the world.

I am part of panels that discuss software development using old and new tools on Monday.

I slipped out and made dinner. I made Chicken Kiev (frozen from a box) with green beans (also frozen) with rice to collect the butter from the Chicken Kiev. All simple, and I could do that while I was listening. I was talking on a panel when the groceries were delivered. I ordered from and had them deliver late tonight. Corwin put away the items while I continued on with the virtual discussions.

I started the morning sleeping into 930ish and then caught up on some Bering Sea Gold reality TV. It is one of the few shows I watch now. I started laundry and got dressed late. I then relaxed and read and finished The Devil in the White City: A Saga of Magic and Murder at the Fair that Changed America that Dondrea recommended. It is a great book, and I knew some of the fair’s stories–it is good to learn some more. I ordered an original 1893 Guide to the fair from eBay for about forty bucks. I wanted to see the original as I might need to include this in some stories I might write.

Aside: I have been to Jackson Park, the site of the Fair in 1893, as it is where the industry museum was built after the fair. My father and I went once by train to Chicago to see King Tut and the industry museum. There is a captured WW2 U-Boat there and a simulated coal mine.

So my day was slow with laundry and reading until the conference hit. Then I was back to the corporate guy and trying, like all the other computer folks, to make the virtual conference worth the investment.

I had one other adventure today, I received a carton of replacement parts for the gas grill. The Corvid-19 emergency meant it took six-months to get the parts. So I pulled, broke out, or simply replaced the burners depending on how corroded the originals were in the grill. The grill is now ready for another couple of years of use.

Today the reports record three-hundred twenty-five people died from the virus in the USA.

Today’s song is not a hymn, but the National Anthem of Australia.

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