Day 211: Monday via Australia

Today started at 830ish as I took the day off as I had to present in a virtual Mastering SAP conference in Melbourne Australia–I was invited, flight and hotel included, but this all went the way as all travel has in 2020, nowhere. Today I had about seventy people at my little panel discussion about how to build applications. We talked about software. I did this to help the Eventful Group, which needed the virtual conference to work, and I wanted to experience how to do this.

My last panel was at 9 at night, and that is why this is a bit late. It will also be a bit short as I am tired of looking at screens all night.

Returning to about 930ish, I helped Susie get to Zerida today for hair, nails, face, toes, etc. Susie has this every week.

Today, I was having trouble with the pollen and woke tired. Susie had trouble sleeping and kept me up late too. It was good that I decided to take the day off when I had a presentation, even just a panel. I was extra tired today. I went slow all morning.

I ordered lunch, I could not face making lunch and doing dishes, from Gyro House–lamb gyro. It was delivered before noon and was good. I felt my mood lighten a bit with some good food.

Susie returned and had a Happy Meal, her fav, for lunch.

I then headed to the Rune and Bone gaming store in Hillsboro. It was immaculate and smelled of cleaning supplies. The carpet was perfect, and every game in its place and orderly. Clean smelling and neat is not the usual as you can imagine for gaming stores.

I picked up a Call of Cthulhu role-playing game adventure The Shadow Over Providence. I like to buy at least something when I visit a store. I resisted the buy-2-games-get-third-free special and purchased a $10 adventure.

Corwin made dinner, Jambalaya made without seafood, and I went back online as it was now morning in Australia. I listened to more presentations and chatted here and there with other folks attending the virtual conference. Mostly just texting, but here and there on camera. I used a lot of “Just Do It” to describe some computer issues to the smiles of most and a few groans. It was fun, polite, and informative. The best you could hope for a virtual down-under conference. Susie watched NFL Monday night football.

Today we witness that over three-hundred people are reported to have died from Covid-19 in the USA.

Again, I went with something a bit different: New Zealand’s National Anthem.

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