Day 212: Tuesday Back to It

I managed to see the last few minutes of the conference in Australia. I had to make dinner and do my regular job. It was nice to be part of a three-day technical virtual conference in Melbourne.

The day started at 6ish, and it came too soon. I feel like I only slept a few minutes before it was time to start my day. It being Tuesday, I start with the first meeting at 7 and so a rush. I got going, made coffee, took my meds, and then rushed off to shower and all that. I was ready with coffee, bagel, and banana for my first meeting at 7.

This was followed by meetings after meetings. I also had documents to read and agree to. So if it was a status meeting, I was busy reading and texting. I also had a few crises of the moment to deal with. It was a busy, but very uninteresting morning. Most issues were just catch-up or final approvals needed.

I had not gotten much walking over the weekend, and Monday, I had a break, which allowed me to slip out between meetings to walk for twenty minutes. I forgot my mask, I did not go far.

It has been raining, and the air smelled clean, and everything sparkled. Even my roses are still flowering and looking fresh. The wet and dark often fade the roses before they are even open, but today everything was bright.

I am still stiff and my legs do not always work quite right. I am also getting pain like I have pulled muscles that is tiring me out each day. I am going to keep walking and hope this clears up. Just another 2020 thing!

I had more meeting and more documents to read. I also had to send some items to the team as I am unsure the vision for some of the items. Nike, and I suspect most companies, love to just upload Excel into their systems. This usually causes audit problems later or worse requests to version spreadsheets and mark them, somehow, as uploaded. I asked the team to think about this.

We had a few more meetings and finally, the day came to an end. I started on dinner. I made grilled chicken with Alfredo sauce with couscous. I used the newly upgraded gas grill. Apparently, I put in all the new parts as there were no explosions or other first aid requirements. I also did the mass of dishes that had stacked up and focused on getting the kitchen back in shape.

This did mean I missed the last day of the conference except for the very ending. The time difference is hard to manage today. I just was over with the dinner and noticed the time was already at the end of the conference!

I did make Pineapple Upside-down Cake today. Just yellow cake mix poured over brown sugar, pineapple rings with cherries in their center, and lots of butter bits. I remember when I was a little kid watching my father and grandfather making it in a microwave when they were new at the Laingsburg Homeshow. Mom would also do the same routine, I remember. It was one of the few cakes one could make in a microwave. It was one of the selling pitches of Wild’s Furniture and Appliances, “You can even make dessert.” Back in those days, the whole family would do microwave pitches at the Home Show!

Here is my baked version

More than eight-hundred forty people in the USA today died from the virus.

If you are walking or riding a camel from Persia to Bethlehem and want to get there by about December 24th, you would need to leave soon, so I pick my favorite carol as the journey would have to start soon: We Three Kings. I like this new take on the song. There is a little commercial at the end. This is another group that uses the website to fund their work. So this version was crowdfunded!

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