Day 213: Wednesday Susie and Troubles

The day started late for me, 8:30ish. I took the day off from Nike to take Susie to lunch and then to her skin doctor’s appointment. So I got Susie going about lunchtime so we could do lunch before the skin stuff.

We headed to the Beaverton Cedar Mills Mall and Powell’s. Powell’s is only open until 4PM, and they are limited to 70 people, including staff. We got there just about noon, and they were still letting people in. Susie wanted some more books to read. We were able to find two for Susie. I forgot my Kindle for the doctor’s office wait; in its place, I picked up a cheap copy of Voyage to the Center of the Earth to read while I wait.

We then went to Panera for lunch. We did wait in line for more than ten minutes while a person ordered lunch for a whole office. I could have used the app, but I was not that much in a hurry. Technology is cool until you mess-up your lunch and your only option is to call some helpline. I waited for a human.

I will not admit that I might have experienced flaws in my ordering from the app before. How I can get a cup of hot water instead of tea is still a mystery to me.

Susie had baked potato soup, and I had pick-two, selecting a half chicken salad sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheese soup. That all worked, and we had a nice lunch.

Next stop the doctor’s office. I had to drop off Susie and parked, and then went to find her. I found her after having my temperature taken and got her to the right office. It was my first time at St. Vincent Hospital since Covid-19. You have to wear a sticker with the date on it after being cleared at the entrance. Elevators were limited to standing at the opposite sides and only two groups.

The visit was for more than ninety minutes. Seven biopsies are a lot, and we are back next month for more. Susie is covered with small bandages on her head and arms. The results will be known in a few weeks.

Susie took a nap, and I headed to The Rock to meet Mariah for pizza and a beer. We talked about her Zine; she is publishing with a friend and a bit about writing. I needed a short break from everything.

I brought back some pizza for Susie.

The Internet reports that more than nine-hundred seventy people died today from the virus.

I do not know this rock version: Days of Elijah.

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