Day 219: Hard Tuesday

Today is hard. Susie developed eye problems yesterday and, while her vision is not getting worse, we need this checked. Susie also learned today that most skin biopsies came back as cancer or pre-cancerous. Susie will need Mohs surgery. We will have been scheduling that soon.

I had to explain the appointments to Susie four times today as she could not remember the call with the eye doctor. Susie is having difficulty with short-term memory today. We will start with the eye doctor tomorrow.

To make matters even harder on Thursday Susie has another dentist appointment. An old filling has failed and they have to redo it. That will be in the afternoon.

So a hard week already and it is just Tuesday.

Work started as a marathon at 6ish, with the Zoom meetings starting at 7. I get up and make coffee and then rush all day. I also had to get Susie going at 8ish, which turned into 9ish, to call the eye doctor. I had emails, text, and reading and agreeing to documents all morning while listening to Zoom meetings.

I made an order from for groceries between meetings. We were running low on eggs, out of milk, and various meat items. I also reloaded the soups and cake mixes. More cupcakes! I did not know I would not be home for the delivery window as I had not heard from the eye doctor. Corwin is committed to taking the order delivered on Wednesday in the range of 8-12PM for me.

Returning to the story, I got Susie some food. She called the eye doctor, and then we waited for their return call. This afternoon we learned we would be there at 11:45AM tomorrow, and I then took off Wednesday from work. Susie can often handle an eye appointment without me, but this is a sudden change in her vision, and Susie has short-term memory issues today. Thus I will drive her there and take the day.

I had chicken noodle soup from a can with a bagel for lunch today. I made Susie some yogurt and Cheerios for breakfast-lunch. She had a scone for a snack later.

I had more meetings. We got the call from the skin doctor and the report of cancer this afternoon.

Dinner was tacos. I make my own spices now. I ate too many. When I am upset, I eat too much. I also love tacos.

I will get some rest tonight and let the shoe company try a day with me away.

We would not ask for these problems; it is not a journey we picked, but I know the journey will be made, and we will face it together.

Today a lot of people passed away from the virus–more than nine-hundred ten.

Today’s song is one that fit: Shall We Gather At The River.

1 thought on “Day 219: Hard Tuesday”

  1. Tough day. Growing old, Doctors, work, COVID, less energy …

    Positives: Tacos, Turkey, Long Relationships at work or home… family, World Series, retirement someday… prayers.


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