Day 220: Wednesday Resting

Susie’s eye doctor said that her issues are not serious and will likely clear-up in time. We spent a few hours, as usual, at the eye doctor. Susie will be rechecked again in December. The dentist is tomorrow. We are waiting to hear on the date for Mohs surgery doctor for the bit of cancer on her head and back. More on that later.

View from St. V medical building 9th floor

The morning began later than normal at about 715ish. Corwin had not made it back home last night so I got up and made coffee and read my email until the groceries arrived from about 9ish. I carried in the six bags and put them away.

Susie was up on time and we left on time after more coffee.

After the appointment, we drove home and Susie took a rest and I made grilled hamburgers for lunch. Susie had her’s later for dinner.

Susie’s rest was interrupted by the tree doctors next door. Our neighbors had their big pine trimmed, and some of the smaller trees were removed from the fence line. They landed some of the trees in my yard and asked permission to clean-up my backyard–of course, I agreed. It was loud. The tree looks a bit safer now and ready for our windy, wet winter.

I then took a nap too. I was also reading Dead Wake by Erik Larson about the story of the last trip of the Lusitania. He tells it like a story. I enjoyed his other book about the Chicago Fair of 1893, and I am enjoying this one. I have read with some the surprise that the famous film of the Lusitania leaving New York is from that last voyage. There was a film crew for that day.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich with corn chips for dinner.

I am going to try to finish this early. I want to make cup cakes, German Chocolate, tonight. And then David and Michelle Smith called and talked for a while…I will see if I can get those done…

It was a quiet day and non-eventful. The best we could hopeful.

Today it was reported that more than twelve-hundred twenty people in the USA died from Covid-19.

I found this song in the Methodist Hymnal (#655), the words are a bit different–but it so good I had to go with it: Fix Me, Jesus.

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