Day 221: Thursday Uneventful

It is unusual to have a day, now with elections and pandemic, that is uneventful. There is always something going on that can scare the bejeezus out of you if only you notice it. Instead, I tried to have an uneventful day–even if I had to ignore things.

So I did not watch the debate, I did not watch the markets, and I seldom watched the news.

Today is Thursday, a non-stop day of status meetings and crises of the moment at work. It all starts at 6ish, with my first meeting at 7AM. So it is a rushed start. I did get a break and made lunch, and Susie got going for her Thursday pill and then food.

I was tired and a bit careworn from this week’s emergencies. I decided to cook corned beef hash, from a can, and an egg for lunch. I did not want to order out for lunch today.

Today Jason Carlson from Nike retirement party just after lunch. It was fun to see so many friends on Zoom, and we all talked about Jason’s years with Nike. Jason retired at just over 25 years.

I had some more meetings and emails and reviews but had to stop at 2:30 to take Susie to the dentist. She had a failed filling that needed to be reworked. I dropped her off; after our temperatures were taken and forms filled out, we had no symptoms. Susie’s temperature was 95! Sue got cold in the car.

While Susie was under the drill, I had a few minutes for my chores. I got gas for Air Volvo and washed it at the car wash. The dentist called, and Susie was done, and I picked up a prescription and then picked up Susie.

Susie took a nap. She later said it felt like someone punched her in the face. Tylenol fixed that.

I had one more meeting that over ran by thirty minutes.

Pizza from Dominos was delivered, and we enjoyed that and NFL. No debate for us. Mariah came over with some beer a bit late and partook of our pizza, pasta, and salad all from Dominos.

The NFL play was so bad that we could not agree on a team anymore to cheer for. The Eagles usually get our vote, but they did plays that were astounding in their incompetence. But the Giants managed one moment that is hard to forget. The ball is run, and the runner has headed to the end zone far ahead of the other team, uncatchable, and just appeared to lose his cool and just trip and fall. With unusual directness, the camera replay showed his teammate point out the gaff and laughing.

Susie’s memory problems have improved as the stress comes down, sleep is gotten, and food is provided. Susie knows what day it is again and enjoyed the game and the pizza.

Corwin remember to do the dishes and put the trash out.

I finished reading the story of the sinking of the Lusitania Dead Wake by Erik Larson today. Larson makes the story come to life and brings some closure to the story. Usually, the stories are written about the horrors and the pain, but Larson manages to tie it a bit better together. I would recommend the book. Like some of the newer books on other naval stories I have read, the writer can now recreate the events by combining accounts that were either not available or not accounted for in the past books. I have seen this same ability to recreate history in the book Jutland 1916: Death in the Gray Wastes, which covers a slightly different time and finds sources to tell the story that was always there but not combined so well into a narrative, both German and British. I recommend this one. If one wants to wander away from the sea, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion is also a reworking of history that I enjoyed and covers the days before the battle and months after–the author’s research tells a more clear story than I have found in any other account. I highly recommend it to clearly know Gettysburg. But if one wants to love history, Star in Their Courses by Shelby Foote about the battle is the best of books to feel the battle. It is a good book for a plane or a vacation.

It is a uneventful day. Reading and taking care of things. Chores can be nice.

Today the reports show more than nine-hundred seventy people in the USA died from the infection.

I picked this hymn Eternal Father Strong To Save.

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