Day 223: Saturday with Games and Food

Tonight ended with Susie and I finished dinner in the local Red Robin. We returned from dinner there. It was so cold, me just wearing a sweater, that my teeth was chattering. The winter winds from the high desert are blowing strong. The winds are much colder than the air temperature coming from the cold desert east.

We went to Red Robin after I drove back from Portland. Susie had been home all day and wanted to “do something.” Movies are usually Saturday night gig with some bars with live bands as an alternative. Not possible now with Covid-19 running out of control again. So Red Robin. There was a twenty-minute wait for a table! We sat in the running car until they called us on my cell to tell us they had a table for us.

Susie was thrilled to get her “Southern Comfort Manhattan on the rocks with two cherries.” I had iced tea (which I forgot makes me freeze in the winter). Susie had the “petite Banzai Burger plain” (Teraki sauce on a hamburger with only cheese and pineapple on a bun). I had their version of a Cobb Salad.

Susie picking out her items

I left Portland a bit late. I had driven with Evan in Air Volvo (the name of my XC60 Volvo) to Mox Boarding House that morning. We had played three games, and the last one, Scythe, ran over a bit as we played with less combat. I have played the Japanese (purple) maybe once before; thusly, I had to be careful as I did not know the faction very well. Evan went with Saxony (black) again. I completed all the enlistments, upgrades, building, mech production, and completed objectives, which meant a longish game. I won with a score of over 70+. Japan scores huge if given a chance to play a long game–I have lost to Japan a lot on the Fenris Campaign version of the game. Evan had trouble playing Saxony as efficiently as I ran Japan, and I was able to win.

The game at the end. I painted the mechs and have the printed workers and realistic resources.

Before Scythe, a game of Vindication ended early and sent us to play a game of Scythe. We drew the game’s fast ending (please consider that the ending conditions for the game are drawn at random and continue to be drawn as players score more honor-victory points) that the game ends when one player owns four areas than anyone else. This is easy to cause. I rushed the game as it gave me an easy win over Evan. Please understand that Evan did this to me a few games back when he was still learning the game.

Vindication is an excellent game, and I strongly recommend it. I was involved with Marc, the game designer, in early test versions of the game. I am so happy with how well the game plays and looks!

About 1/3 of the way through the game.

Before this, we played a long game of Concordia. We had a new player, another Michael, and it became a learning game. Michael quickly grasped the rules and play. I was happy to see Evan, who only learned this game a few weeks ago, explaining the game too. We played an excellent three-person game, and Michael (not me) wiped the board with us. It is the danger of playing a learning game that you lose to new players. I tied for second with Evan and more than ten points behind Michael–not quite a spanking.

The day started about 9ish, as I had a hair cut with Zerida at 10. I managed to be on-time, and after getting my hair put back to order, I picked up Evan at the park where he plays Pickle Ball. The other players wave and smile at me. Evan told him about our board gaming.

I slept well, but I am reading a new book and keeps me from sleep as it is a space opera styled book, and it is hard to put down. Yes, I so far really like A Memory Called Empire. It is a Hugo Award winner.

More than seven-hundred eighty people in the USA died from Covid-19 today.

I found this instrumental Corvid-19 version of Let My People Seek Their Freedom. This is Methodist Hymnal #586.

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