Day 224: Sunday Slow

I did not get dressed until 1ish this afternoon. Susie and I met Mariah and watched the 49’s crush the Patriots at The Rock pizza place. It was a slow day.

I started about 9ish this morning and did the dishes, laundry, and made a quiche for brunch. This is my best breakfast quiche. I first cook some bacon and let it get a bit cool–usually while I am getting the rest set-up. Take a frozen pie crust, take five or six eggs, and beat them with a few drops of Wiltshire Sauce, a pinch of cayenne pepper, bacon–four slices broken up into bits, some generic spice mix like “Italian” but keep this light and a cup of shredded swiss cheese. I add some small pieces of frozen broccoli to the pie pan before pouring the mix into the still frozen pie crust. Place on top thin slices of tomato to get a professional look—Bake in a preheated oven at 350 for about 30-40 minutes. It will be lightly brown on the surface.

I had a piece, and then Mariah called so change of plans, off to The Rock. I shared a nachos with shredded brisket. Susie had a small pizza, ham, and pineapple. We had adult beverages.

I brought a bottle of hand sanitizer. It looks like a booze bottle. It was funny to bring-your-own-sanitizer (BYOS!?).

We managed to watch the Patriots give up 30 points to their one touchdown (and failed kick–how do you miss one of those) until the close of the third quarter.

We got home, and the same car was parked in front of my house. No plates. We were asked by the police, after a car was stolen and abandoned on our street for three months last year, to report any car shenanigans when they happen. The car without plates had been on the street for two days, so I reported it, and the police were here in twenty minutes and looked into it. My neighbor apparently has a car, this one, with no plates. The car is back in his yard, and I was sorry to cause some trouble, but we don’t want shenanigans again.

I then read some more of The Memory Called Empire. The characters in the story are interesting, and the description of an empire that uses poetry to encrypt their communication is just fun.

I also cleared off my work table. It was cluttered and covered in parts for the 3D printer I was building. Winter is here, it is freezing, and I want to paint figures again–cold and rain mean figures and model and robot work. I will return to the printer build when I have a long weekend as it is not working that, like painting of model building, that is easy to start and stop.

This takes me to a game I bought some time ago but have just punched Scooby-Doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion. This is a lighter and, in some way, better implementation of Betrayal At House On The Hill board game. It is also for kids and light-hearted play. I got it to play with Susie and to just enjoy it. I am just learning the rules.

I managed to purchase the whole gang of figures to replace the paper standees. I am getting them primed white now. As these are cartoons, I am going with the older painting style of using white as the primer. I will use oil paints for the shading. This is what I did with the Star Trek figures, and they are bright.

Ready to paint

It feels good to be back to painting.

It was reported that more than four-hundred thirty people died from the infection today here in the United States. Our rate of infection is now the highest we have ever seen.

I went with Shalom my Friend for our song this evening.

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