Day 225: Monday Again

The morning started as usual at 6ish with reading email and checking messages. I then started meetings and getting Susie ready for her hair, nails, and etc appointment with Zerida. The morning was full of status reports and requests to fix some things.

I ordered lunch from Gyro House and sent a message that I still miss them on the order’s extra notes. They wrote on the box that holds the lamb gyro that was delivered by GrubHub, “We miss you more!” Lunch was great and the spice garlic sauce burned so good. Any vampire that got within ten feet of me was a goner!

I continued to try to fix things and had a workshop meeting where we tried to get a complex connection from an Amazon S3 storage used by a Hive connected to connect to by a special ODBC driver to another database on a totally different hardware and design to create a virtual version of the data and provide meta-data about the data. Yes, funny that we ever got this to work. Oddly, it was a security setting and not a technology issue that needs to be fixed. We almost had it working again.

So it was a strange day at work as I tried to get things fixed. We are closer to having items fixed now. More to fix on Tuesday.

I made dinner of chicken Kiev (frozen), steamed corn (frozen), and stuffing (from a box). Very basic and still quite good–simple sometimes is just good.

I had Roll20 Dungeons and Dragons today. We had five players plus me for the Mad Mage’s Maze. They fought off the giant crushing hand and then found the “hand of the king” from long ago late dwarf king that opened the doors. Instead of the great treasure, they found a gate to another part of the maze. They went through, fought some ghouls that tried to ambush them (Cory, their wizard, fireball-ed the ghouls into dust), and then faced a huge spell casting abomination they found in the evil spider goddess temple. The druid was knocked out from a massive set of hits–the dwarf cleric healed her a combat round later. The evil creature then split the rogue off from the rest of the adventurers with a force wall and tried to take him down alone, but the adventurers dispelled the force wall. They killed it with range attacks. The abomination’s allies, banshees, tried to stop the adventurers. They were driven off.

The dark paladin tried to destroy the altar and was covered in swarms of spiders. Another fireball, and soon the battle was over. One of the banshees that escaped then attacked again, and they heard her scream, nobody died–one can die from the banshee’s scream. The adventurers, nearly out of spells, decided it was time to rest.

So that was today. I have some figure painting so I will try to stop early tonight.

More than five-hundred twenty people died today in the USA from the virus.

‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple seemed a nice song as we come to the last full week of the election!

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