Day 227: Wednesday Surprises

I just finished watching on Amazon the first episode of “The Hunters” and I was surprised by how violent and how dark the story is. I liked it very much. I will have to watch the series first season.

I made dinner today for just Susie and I. I made dinner as I waited for to bring the groceries. I had set the time to 5-9PM for a cheaper delivery fee. I had to turn down a beer with Mariah as I had to be here for the groceries. Corwin was out already. So it was chicken Kiev (frozen, but one of my favs), with baked beans (can and also a fav) and green beans (frozen) and wilted on the stove with butter and garlic with salt.

Before this I took a short nap. Sleep is still hard to get with me ending at midnight or later and starting at 6ish each morning. I drank all but one cup of the coffee today.

I answered the phone and was surprised by the clear voice that I remember from Central Michigan University lectures in 1982, Dr. Peter Koper. Pete is the one connection we still have to CMU. We see him and Marie, his wife, every few years. We wanted to update each other. We are all getting older, but we are all still going and very happy to talk to each other. The Kopers have been isolating, and their extended family has so far made it through the emergency. It was so nice to hear that strong lecture’s voice. The books for Dr. Koper’s class, Ancient Literature, are the only college books that I still have. I still read my copy of Hesiod once in a while, translated by Richard Lattimore. I like Hesiod’s “Works and Days.”

Work ended with me signing-off the technical design for the conversion of open reverse logistic documents. Yes, I suspect you dear reader could careless. But, it is the details that keep the money flowing at the shoe company. Even reverse flows must work.

Before that, we finally discovered the root cause of the problem that caused me to hear from way-to-many-directors, and today vice presidents were starting to get involved. Ongoing for more than a week! Ugly! We had the data owners of the data we were trying to read, add various made-up data, and check if we could see it. We then varied this through various scenarios to find the cause. It was much like my debugging of microcontroller wiring. Redo the wiring and recheck them. It is all fixed now, and we discovered that they needed to “cast” the data for us to format our system can accept. Actually very basic, if the system had given us an error.

Before that, I had many meetings, most Zoom, and many crises of the moment. Lunch was fried hamburgers. I made them while Susie enjoyed a bit of attention from the dentist. Installation of the crown the manufactured for her last night. Dr. Packam, our dentist, has his own machines to make crowns.

Susie got going this morning and got the one cup of coffee from the pot I did not drink! I started at 6:45ish, having slightly overslept. I had a meeting with the data extraction and reporting team at 8ish.

It was a hectic and frustrating day as much of what I said is in the manuals and things I have fixed before and should not happen again on new technology. But as they say, “what was old is new again.”

Work is no disgrace: it is idleness which is a disgrace. –Hesiod

It is reported today that more than one-thousand thirty people died from the virus in the USA.

I went with a prayer today, Mother Teresa Reads The Prayer of Saint Francis.

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