Day 228: Tired on Thursday

I caught myself nodding off on yet-another-status meeting today after lunch. Lunch was not that heavy, but I had not gone for my afternoon tea before the status started. Mistake!

I had the camera turned off so nobody saw my head nod.

I blocked the rest of the day and took a nap. Some weeks are just harder than others.

I then ordered Chinese food from StirCrazyKitchen, a local place three blocks away, delivered. Mariah came over, and we sat on the couch and chairs in the living room and watched Thursday Night Football (NFL) and ate Chinese food. It was the Panthers versus the Falcons. The play was better than the last game we saw, but even the Panthers were good for a short moment. One of the mysteries of 2020 that some teams are just better now with the emergency.

As I am so tired I will make this a short story today–I do feel much better after stealing a nap this afternoon.

Returning to today’s start, today is the same as most Thursdays, with status and alignment meetings starting at 7ish and running almost straight through until two. I have lunch blocked on my calendar, which stops the crazy folks from grabbing my lunch most of the time. I was surprised to find that some meetings moved out, and I had a few breaks. I used those for bio-breaks and to read for 30 minutes.

I slip in emails, text, reading design, and talking to folks by slack while these meetings were going on. I ordered lunch too. Lunch was Mexican, and I gave my taco to Susie, who surprised me by getting up in time to share my lunch. I had two tamales.

I also needed some special effects for Halloween, and I searched the garage when I had a short break. I found two of my eye HalloWings from Adafruit and their convex glass overlay. I will try to find some time to get some pumpkins, and we can carve them with one eye and then use the Hallowings to fill in the eye. The current plan is to set the pumpkins out with candy and handwash. The increase in Covid-19 I am passing on handing out candy. I did buy $100 worth of face shields and protective gowns, but now I will likely donate that.

Last night I was able to paint a little more of the Scooby-Doo Figures. I also used some modeling paste to put the scarf on Fred (it was not on the model). I will try to get them a bit further tonight. I plan to finish them over this spooky weekend.

Today more than a thousand forty people in the USA expired from Covid-19.

I thought maybe Scotland The Brave would work for today.

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