Day 229: Friday Devil’s Night 2020

I finished today by watching a recording of a play for Devil’s Night from Brian and Gwen of the Portland Horror Film Festival. This was VILLAINY: H.H. HOLMES’ OWN STORY. The story of America’s first reported mass murderer. They have extended the run time of the streaming until Sunday. You will find tickets for the streaming at the virtual Portland’s Hollywood Theater. After watching the film, I joined the chat and live with the filmmakers and Brian and Gwen hosting.

It is a gruesome true story and many of the words in the play are from the murderer.

Before this, we carved pumpkins and installed scary eyes and bright lights. Corwin did most of the carving. I did prep one pumpkin and installed the first scary eyes. These are HalloWings from AdaFruit with some cheap convex plastic lens I bought a few years ago from a plastic supplier (the Internet makes all this possible). We did two pumpkins for Halloween.

Susie was thrilled with these. We plan to put a bowl of candy out tomorrow with a container of hand cleaner. Last time folks took just some, and we even had some left. We don’t want to spread Covid-19, but we will try to support those souls that wish to Trick or Treat.

I fried up hamburgers for dinner after the last meeting at 4:30 ended the work week for me.

Work was a long march of Zoom meetings and emails. I did get to install some fixes, so I did one technical thing, which felt better. I started at 7ish and had reheated Goulash Stew for lunch. Susie was up early again; I got her coffee, water, and breakfast.

I managed to slip out and buy some pumpkins at Safeway. The store looks much better. There has been some refreshing of the floors, and the shelves are more full. The meat and fresh produce looked excellent.

It has been a busy evening.

The reports show another nine-hundred eighty or more died today from the virus. The report shows an explosive growth of infections with more than 101,000 hew infections today in the USA, and sadly, at the current death rate, this will mean another 4400 death will happen in the USA over the next six weeks. My heart is breaking.

I had forgotten this 6th century hymn, Father, We Praise Thee. Methodist Hymnal #680.

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