Day 230: Halloween 2020

Today we did not decide to risk it on Halloween and stayed inside and provided self-service candy and cleaning options. We moved into the house on October 31, 1996. It has been 24 years today. I always like to have candy to remember our move-in day.

I also lighted the NeoPixie strips on the house to get that good Halloween look.

We watched our last movie tonight on the Svengooli show on MeTV: The Wolfman meets the Frankenstein Monster. This is an old black and white movie and it has an amazing singing and dancing section that looks like it was stolen from some musical. It was terrible.

Before this, I did the scariest things in the house. I broke something! The kitchen sink faucet broke from its base and is now sort of duck-taped, so nobody will accidentally break it off and flood the kitchen. I was just noticing it was moving funny, and then it broke loose. I replaced it about fifteen years ago with dad. I even have some pictures from then. I will need to disassemble the sink, get parts, and reassemble it. Again.

I also got the pumpkins out and the candy station settled before 4ish as little kids are usually out then.

I was doing the dishes and laundry. I made goulash for dinner, Susie did not like it. I folded and put away all the laundry while watching Silence of the Lambs. I forgot much of the movie as I have not sat through the whole movie in years. The movie is still fascinating and horrifying but dated. Some of the challenges in the movie could be solved with a text or a cell phone call. I still enjoyed it.

I started at 9ish. I made coffee and ordered bagels from Einstein Bagels to be delivered. I had a lox bagel and also ordered a baker’s dozen with cream cheese. I had ordered various flavors, but they sent plain. It is still 2020!

The reports show more than nine-hundred ten people died today in the USA from the virus.

I have never heard this one: When Our Confidence is Shaken. Methodist Hymnal #505.

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