Day 231: Sunday, Nov 2020 Begins

I was not expecting to be writing about the lockdown in November 2020. I figured by now that we would have this under control. It is upsetting to me that we had the highest recorded infection rate so far this week. I remember believing that the number I was using would be entering into Phase 3 or something much safer, but instead we are looking at a massive overflow of our hospitals.

Two days to the election. If you told me four years ago I would be reading about republican voters trying to drive the democrat’s candidates bus off the road in Texas just a few days before the election, I would have told you you have read too many Ludlam books.

My vote is in. I will be watching online. I am glad to see this is ending and that so many early and mail voting has happened.

I read the Supreme Court decisions on the voting and will not state my opinion here; however, the law should not be cruel, so I am unhappy with the lack of compassion in the opinions I read. I will support the change in the area now.

This morning started with the normal confusion of how it can be so late and yet be so early. Then I remember it is fall-back day, and I changed the clocks (and some automatically changed) last night. I hate this. The states of Oregon and Washington agreed to do away with it, but we could not get California to join us, and thus we must continue with this time-changing stuff. So once again, we are changing back to standard time, PST.

I managed to meet Evan at Mox Boarding House today to play games. We also enjoyed the special Halloween menu, the “brain-in-jar” dessert was likely better when fresher. The salmon paddy (you never get that here) over a spicy crumpet was unique, spicy, and good. Evan thought less of the salmon, but I grew-up in the USA Midwest and salmon usually came in paddies with a white sauce. So I liked the new take on it.

The Salmon
Brain In A Jar

I did eat the dessert saying, “Brains!”.

We played our standard three games and the first game, Concordia, went my way with me getting the last trading house in (gaining seven points for ending the game) and building my wine and tools industries up just at the end (just enough points to keep my lead).

Vindication was our second game and something was wrong in our play. I had too easy of a time which, in this game, means we missed something. I somehow built an engine that let me easily win. We will watch carefully next time and see where I or Evan misplayed. So we declared that game a tie.

Scythe was the last game, and Evan played well, and I struggled to get my normal engine building to work. I played Poland while he played the Russian faction. We played a long game, and I spotted a moment with Evan was less popular and ended the game. The score was 55 (me) to 54. I have lost by small amounts before; I know how Evan feels. I took a chance and hit the end of the game (sixth star) as I thought I was further ahead, but I was not. I was just able to squeeze by.

We should be back to Saturday next weekend and we will be returning to Architects of the West Kingdom and dropping Scythe for a while.

Today, I have received an email from the Trump camp for money every 15 mins. I have received about twice the amount from various liberal camps. Soon it should stop, I hope.

I drove home and made Susie a grilled cheese. I had a roast beef and cheddar sandwich.

Laundry and dishes for me to get ready for Monday. The faucet in the kitchen is taped together. I will try to find time to fix it.

The deaths from Covid-19 reported for today in the USA is just under four-hundred.

I found this version of How Firm a Foundation that I really thought was fresh. This is Methodist Hymnal #529.

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