Day 232: Just Before the Election 2020

We made it. The election starts in less than twelve hours. Now it is time to vote and count.

While ignoring that we have a pandemic, the courts are still refusing to disenfranchise people for following the local rules–despite claims, valid or otherwise, that these processes are not perfect. The Texas votes will be counted.

Today was hard, as this is a time-change day. I made nearly all the coffee by 10ish this morning. My first all-company meeting was at 7. So a rushed start at 6 this morning. And I had my normal wake-up before the alarm, so it was a tough start.

Work was meetings after meeting. Most were status reporting and review of the design. I did not speak much today as much was decided already.

I ordered Pud Thai today from Thai Bloom. I plan to have Mexican for Election Day tomorrow. I expected the normal high quality from Thai Bloom, and was delivered while the meeting ran into lunchtime.

Many of my meetings overran their time.

I was tired and took a nap after work finished.

I made Jambalaya today. I tried to calm it down a bit with a can of Mexican style stewed tomatoes, but Susie still found it too spicy to eat. I felt terrible about that. I got her breakfast and lunch combined and some toast.

I read all the polls, the last ones before the election. I am ready for what tomorrow brings.

Today it was reported that more than five-hundred twenty folks’ lives were ended by Covid-19.

Today’s song is sung in the UK at Royal Albert Hall: The Battle Hymn of the Republic. The second hymn is OK.

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