Day 234-235: Election and Stroke

Susie is resting well in our local hospital, St. Vincennes, in the stroke ward. Susie had a small stroke on Monday-Tuesday that impaired her ability to walk. Corwin had to carry her into the car as she could not walk, even with her walker, to the car. We had called in the problem to her doctor, and they said to get to the ER now. We had first thought she was weak and got her water and coffee, and Corwin even fixed her scrambled eggs.

The trip to the hospital in Air Volvo is always hard when you are so worried and have to drive. I tried to drive fast, in Oregon, and with care. It is also the first rainy day in a while. Highway 26 was slow; there was a wreck, someone rear-ended another car on the wet roads on 26. I tried again to be calm.

Corwin came with us as we might need his help. We called ahead and learned the procedure for non-Corvid-19 emergencies. Corwin would return by Lyft as only one person was allowed with Susie in the hospital. I got help to get Susie out of the car, and we started into the process.

We waited for more than an hour to get a room in the ER. It is bustling. We then waited for about another two hours. Suddenly there were lots of people, and Susie was headed to x-ray. The staff was worried that Susie would stroke-out. Her blood pressure was a bit high. They missed her veins, and another IV failed. They put an IV in her neck. The joke was that it was so close to Halloween that neck bites were in. They then could get the contrast. The CAT scans showed no bleeding or stroke.

Susie had an infection and was too weak to send home, so they sent her to room 629 in the stroke ward. An MRI was done at midnight, and this was followed by bloodwork at 4AM. Susie got no sleep. At 10ish, we learned that Susie has a small stroke.

About 11ish on Tuesday as Susie get a room in the stroke ward

Once the diagnosis was known, the stroke floor started to check Susie regularly that she was not getting worse and got her some physical therapy. Many doctors visited, and there are lots of help being provided once we leave the hospital.

We agreed for Susie to spend one more night. It was safer for us.

I will be back on Thursday morning to get the results of some more tests and to wrap up her stay, and plan her return to the Volvo Cafe (home).

I am tired, and I will stop here. The Smith Family sent these flowers–Susie loves flowers.

I picked this video from India, one of Susie’s favorite hymns. Susie and Barb would make new words for it: Up From The Grave He Arose.

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