Day 236: Return Home for Susie

Today we came home. We received lots of instructions on what to do after Susie’s stroke.

I was up at 6:30ish and made it to the hospital about 8:20ish while Susie was still eating her breakfast. I had stopped on my way to McDonald’s for breakfast.

Today I am tired, and there is not a lot to cover. We talked to the doctor and nurses. Susie’s heart is fine and did not cause the stroke. Susie has some new prescriptions to try to prevent a stroke.

Susie had lunch in her hospital room. I slipped out to Happy Panda and got lunch. I had to eat it in the car; there is no dining in there.

Susie finished-up her lunch, and then they helped her dress and wheeled her out. I met her with the car out front. There we bumped into an old friend, Dr. Busby, at the entrance to the hospital. Dr. Busby is a retired plastic surgeon who helped Susie repeatedly when we had skin and other cancers. He was thrilled to see her.

We finally reached home. The leaves covered the driveway, and Susie had trouble walking through them with the walker. We managed to get inside. Susie is much slower but can walk. Her right leg struggles to move forward.

Susie walked to the bathroom and really struggled. I moved the exercise bike and other items out of the way and got her cane. She finally made it and back. It is slow going.

I felt she was able to be alone for a short period. I go get the prescriptions and pizzas for tonight. It is Thursday Night Football tonight. Mariah is coming over to watch the 49ers and the Cheese-heads.

I get the new meds and then the pizzas. I return home and Susie is still good.

Flowers from Lidrich’s came to the house today.

We watch election news. We switch to the NFL when Mariah appears. I cooked all the pizzas while we watched the election news. So dinner is ready. Mariah and I finish a half bottle of Purple Cow wine. I have just one glass—none for Susie. Alcohol is not a good idea for some having trouble walking!

The 49ers are crushed. Before the game is over, Mariah and I take out the recycling and trash.

I will need to help Susie tonight as her walking is unsteady. It is good to be home, and we begin the journey of recovery together.

The US stock market flew-up on the belief of a Democratic president-elect and Republican-controlled Senate is good for the market. The Fed warned of tough-times ahead; the Fed will keep interest rates near zero and is also pressing for a stimulus package.

More than eleven-hundred twenty people died from the virus today in the USA. The infection rate reached record levels in the USA.

I picked my most favorite hymn for today, This Is My Song (Finlandia). This is Methodist Hymnal #437, and my favorite version is here.

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