Day 237: Safe Friday

I put in a leave request and was on paid-time-off as I cared for Susie today.

I started again about 6ish as I had to email my boss and colleagues at Nike that I was out again today. I tried to go slow and clean-up a few things and help Susie.

Susie is walking slower, and I stayed with her all day. She is afraid to be left alone in the house now. I cleared off the floor and picked up a bit today. I will do more each day.

I add chili from a can for lunch. Susie was up about 11ish. I had to do laundry and dishes. Susie had oatmeal to start. She is starting new meds, I am being watchful.

I got the bed remade and read for a bit and finished a book I did not care for, The Doors of Eden. It is not bad for SciFi to read as the story swings from being told by one person and then another.

I spoke to Evan and we agreed to meet with Susie at Mox around noonish. I will bring the Scooby-doo Betrayal at Mystery Mansion board game. I have just started finished the figures for it.

I left them cartoon bright. I painted the base to match the color in the game assigned to the meddling kid. We will also have Architects of the West Kingdom to play.

I baked potatoes for dinner. I fried bacon. I then broke up the bacon over the cooked split potatoes and covered well with shredded cheddar cheese. Just add a spoonful of sour cream. Susie like it, she had two potatoes.

I discovered a new series to watch on Prime: Truth Seekers. It is a cable guy that also investigates ghosts. This time he starts to find them, and they are not friendly! So far, it has been fun–I watched three episodes so far. The Hunt series is also good, but it is very dark, and I wanted something lighter. The Truth Seekers is a bit on the horror side.

Today it was reported that more than twelve-hundred people died from the virus in the USA.

I have done this song a lot, but it just seemed to be the right song: Lift Every Voice and Sing with all the counting.

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