Day 238: Saturday Excitement

Today Susie went to Mox Boarding House in Portland, Oregon, and played Scooby Doo’s Betrayal at Mystery Mansion. The staff was happy to finally meet Mrs. Wild. They have seen Evan and me there most weekends from the opening day. We had a late lunch and dessert.

You can see the rainbow in the clouds in Portland

Susie used her walker to get from the car to the Mox, a long-distance for her. She used the chair in the walker, and I pushed her the rest of the way in the store. The longest she has walked in a while and a long walk for her after the stroke. You can see her struggle to move the right leg, but it was doing better this afternoon.

Tatyana and Marlyn were our bartender and waiter, respectively, in the afternoon. They were so happy to see Susie and to serve Evan, Susan, and me. I have mentioned Susie before, and they were finally happy to meet her.

Tatyana and Marlyn’s shift ended, they are the morning bunch, and a new guy Charles got us dessert. I pay the morning tab for Tatyana and Marlyn and a new tab for the late guys with dessert and coffee, usually. I like to give out tips to both folks.

We headed home about 6ish. Portland was quiet for us.

But, Portland exploded with noise this morning when Biden was declared President-elect. The riots were replaced with dancing and music. Our Darth Vader, unicycle riding, kilted, and bagpiper player was circling the streets playing This Land is Your Land. Last I saw, they are still dancing in Portland in Pioneer Place. It is a weird place, and I like it here.

Susie’s morning was languid. I had to help her get moving and to be safe. Getting ready for Mox was slow, and we rescheduled with Evan to be there an hour later. Strokes are like that. The ability to move will come and go. We will just keep moving.

I also received a new book today, Seven of Infinities by Aliette de Bodard. She is one of my favs and this is a novelette. The book is signed by her and limited to a special 1500 numbered printing from Subterranean Press of Burton, Michigan. There is a kindle version that is not limited if you want to read it.

I was thinking of my father and grandfather today. I got out a bun and put in a cold hot dog into the bun. I then rolled it up in a single sheet of paper towel just like I remember they did in all those microwave demonstrations so very long ago. I set the microwave for thirty seconds, put the bundle in the center of the microwave, closed it, and then started the machine. A moment later, after that loud humming, I then pulled out a cooked hot dog with a now steamed bun. Even the smell was the same from forty years ago. I put on some plain yellow mustard and enjoyed a memory. Exactly the same every time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad I went into computers and not sales! But, once and a while, I slide back to these days when a microwave was a big sale. I remember making a hot dog and having the customer watch as a little kid cooked lunch for him and his sister. Nobody stopped us from this and likely encouraged us. We likely sold a few ourselves without trying. We just wanted lunch.

My 401K is now showing an 11%+ growth rate for this terrible year of 2020.

Today, in the USA, the reports show more than one-thousand thirty people passed away from the virus. The infection rate continues to explode. I was told that Mox and other Portland-based businesses will be more locked-down next week.

I went with This Land is Your Land as I was inspired by our own unicycle bag pipe player.

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